Advanced Training

Struggling with something, want to improve? Want to survive better?

Advanced training

Going beyond the basics.

Enhanced Rider Scheme West Yorkshire, Leeds and Bradford
ERS is a DVSA inspired scheme based on a riding assessment and a set syllabus to enhance your riding ability. On completion of a course you will be awarded a certificate to show you are a better than average rider. The DVSA have negotiated with many of the big insurance companies and agreed healthy discounts. See the Direct Gov web site for more details.

Advanced Training is for Bikers who want to rapidly improve their skills. It is aimed at people who already hold a full license and is usually done on your own bike. You may have a specific weak point, you may have a barrier you cannot surpass, or you may want to learn one of those pub skills you have heard of, counter steering, weighting the pegs, vanishing points, sound familiar? REFRESHER TRAINING, you may be returning to biking after a lay off. Everything seems quicker, more powerful "and much more congested". You may want to try a modern big bike before you buy so ride ours get a feel for what you want.

Let us take your fears away. We will teach you to ride smoother, safer, and with so much confidence you'll wish you did it years ago.

At 2Wheelskool the advanced instructors are fully qualified, very experienced, DAS assessed instructors. ( See the instructors page you will be taught by the best in the business) We ride all day every day, we eat, breath and live bikes. We are enthusiasts. Don't learn from your own mistakes, It Hurts and is Costly, Learn from others... Learn from US !!

Give us a call.... You'll ride better just thinking about it !!.


"I learnt so much I now have the confidence to rear wheel steer" M. Doohan ( age 76)

"They showed me how to ride in a chicken outfit with complete safety" V. Rossi (age 36)

"Last week I only crashed the once, it used to be EVERYDAY!" H. Lorenzo (age 16)

"Having trained as an instructor and completed ERS myself it has improved my cornering 10 fold!!"Loz Williams (age loads)


Kevin Allack 17 April 10

Ever wondered how good a rider you are? No I don't mean can you ride fast with your knee on the ground - I mean can you be one of the 2% of road users who are motorcyclists, while not being one of the 18% of road accident casualties who are motorcyclists? In other words do you have the edge on survivability?

The ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) reckons it can increase your survivability and after a days training and assessment with Loz at 2 Wheelskool, I reckon it's done just that. My day covered over 100 miles of motorcycling in urban and rural environments with Laurence acting as coach and assessor (and an extra instructor from 2 Wheel Skool thrown into the bargain!).

The training is based around you - after assessing your skills, the course goes to work on the bits of your riding that you need to improve on - to give you the edge. Maybe you will be able to meet the standard after one session, maybe you will need to practice and come back for further assessment. I was fortunate enough to make the grade in one day - but that's thanks to the clear way that my 'faults' were explained to me and the opportunities I had to prove that I had learned from the advice. I made the grade - but I still have a long list of things I could do even better - and I will practice.

What I also have is the confidence to know that the way I ride will give me a better chance than many motorcyclists out there, of NOT being an unfortunate statistic. I hope my wife and three year old daughter will never get the police woman knocking at the door - with the help of the professionals at 2 Wheel Skool, I've done my best to reduce the risk of that happening. If my insurance premiums reduce as they should, thats the smallest of the advantages that this course has given me.

Thanks Loz
Kevin Allack