The tests

Our aim is to get you your licence as quickly, cheaply and easily as possible. The tests available to you.

The UK test changes

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UK Governments have consistently ignored pleas from the biking industry and allowed European legislation to decide our driving test rules, for some reason we test in kilometers per hour! The bike tests which are sparsly available across some areas of the UK have changed to a 2 part test. (2DLD rules) The 3rd European Directive (3DLD) has raised the DAS age to 24 and there are a number of restrictions imposed on the size and power of what you can take your test on and ride from 17 to 23.

The DVSA have closed all but one of the temporary sites and the MPTC deployment is sparce across our region and will not be increased. However the DVSA have just opened a second Mod1 testing facility at Steeton near Keighley. The on road element ( Mod 2 )can still be taken at one of West Yorkshires' 4 test centres Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, Wakefield.

The test fees have already risen more than 200% since 2006 to almost 95. We will be using the best methods possible to train you and have acquired a large, flat, tarmaced site for Mod 1 off road training! There has been a few amendments to the order and layout of the off road test ( May 2011) and you now need to turn up dressed for test, no more flip flops and shorts!

3DLD new test rules from Jan 2013

This is the DVSA explanantion of the new test rules

A bit confusing is 3 DLD and we think there are one or two oversights but unfortunately Brussels has decided its the way you get a bike licence in the Uk and allegedly throughout Europe! ( can't see Greece doing this!)

Our guarantee

We believe in our quality!

We are so confident of our training methods and content that we GUARANTEE if you ride the way we teach, YOU WILL PASS! If you don't pass and you did everything the way we taught you then we will pay for your re-test.

Module 1 the off road Manouvres

According to the EU and DVSA this is going to make you a much safer rider? It can be a tricky litte challenge.

Module 1 of your test is staged at a large off road area, where the examiners want to see bike control, swerve avoidance and braking. It consists of 11 (3 combined) separate exercises and the layouts will vary dependant on the venue. The amended exercises and order of testing will commence on 16 May 11. The test displayed on the Government site is now in date to see what and how the manouvres are conducted. We have a large site for your training and replicate what you will do on your test. The test itself will most likely be taken at Wakefield or Steeton.
This link to the Direct Gov site explains more about the test. BIKE TEST
This links to the DVSA you tube channel and shows the most up to date video of the test.

Both parts of your test must be taken on the category of bike you want a licence for, i.e. it must be a DAS 600cc + bike if it is a DAS test you are taking, or A2 400cc and A1 125cc!

Module 2 the on road riding

This is virtually the same its always been.

Mod 2 is an on road ride of about 40 minutes to prove to the examiner that you can control and ride safely in traffic. The only technical exercises you will carry out are hill starts , angle starts etc... Its about road craft, safety margins, progress, lane discipline, observations, use of signals, halts, move offs, reading the road this could take a while, getting the picture? We usually use the current test centre on the Pudsey/Bradford border at Thornbury.

This link to the DVSA you tube channel and shows the most up to date video of the test.

Your test will depend largely on your age. Read on to find out what's available to you.


The options

There are numerous options.

There are 4 module 2 test centres in West Yorkshire, Leeds (Horsforth), Bradford (Thornbury) Halifax, and Wakefield. Wakefield has re sited to the MPTC location and we believe Halifax is under threat as a bike test centre. We generally use the current test centre at Bradford for module 2's as our sites are close to this test station. For Module 1's it is effectively Wakefield or nothing.

16 year olds: You can only take your test on a moped and when you pass it allows you to ride a moped on full licence status. That is lose the "L" plates and you can carry passengers. Take your Grandma to the Post Office on pension day. You could actually take Gmar in a car called an axiam which qualifies as a light quadricycle if you have around 10,000 to spend :-) If you want to ride a bike at 17 you would have to revert back to learner status.

over 17: You can take your test on a learner legal 125cc machine. This would give you an A1 licence that means lose the "L" Plates. It will not upgrade as in the past and you will only ever be able to ride a 125cc bike, you can carry passengers and go on Motorways though. After holding an A1 licence for 2 years you can progress up to A2 but you will probably be over 19 by then anyway so not quite sure what this restriction is there for?

over 19: If you are over 19 you can take a test called the A2 licence. The bike you take your test must be over 395cc and between 25KW/33BHP and 35KW/47BHP this would allow you to ride a bike up to the max A2 power output of 35KW/47BHP as it is a power restriction you can get a larger bike restricted down to this power. There are some restrictions on this too it cannot be derived from more than double i.e.70KW/93BHP so a hayabusa cant be reduced for A2 purposes! Again this licence never upgrades so if you do want to get a full unrestricted licence you will need to re take the tests again on a DAS bike, either at 24 or once you have held your A2 licence for over 2 years. So it is still possible to get a full unrestricted licence just after your 21st birthday! However to acheive this you may have had to sit the exact same Mod 1 and Mod 2 test 6 times on different size bikes. No wonder the DVSA decided the test route would be better than the training route.

over 24: If you do finally make it to 24 then the DAS scheme is available to you. Basically you take your test on a large bike (595cc + and at least 40KW/53BHP) and once you have passed you can ride anything. See the DAS page for more info. The test fee payable to DVSA is incorporated in the price of all courses. We book, pay for and arrange all the detail of your test.
One final thing about Motorcycle tests. If you take your test on your own automatic machine it restricts you to riding automatics only.

The Theory test

For our course students.

If you are doing a course with us we book, plan and assist you in getting through the theory and hazard perception test. This consists of 50 multiple choice questions and 14 Computer generated images (CGI) clips for the hazard perception. The tests are taken at the pearson view centres which are city centre based in Leeds or Bradford. The test takes about an hour. If you watch this DVSA video it explains all about the procedure and how to prepare for the test.