These are the various types of training that we offer. We put everything in to your training so you get the maximum out! CBT, 125cc lessons for the A1 licence. A2 test training for the intermediate 47BHP licence and Direct access for a full unrestricted Motorcycle licence. Post test rider training, advanced and refresher including the Enhanced rider scheme

Training for your riding tests and full Motorbike licence

We do it right!

Whether you are taking your test on a 125cc, A2 or a DAS bike the tests and therefore the training are the same. We have our fundamental guarantee, ride as we say and pass, we train you correctly. We believe our extremely succesful pass rate proves this. 2wheelskool provides for all the training and the instructors are self employed. Our instructors are profiled on the instructors pages, they are the very best at what they do. They are enthusiastic, experienced and enjoy the job of teaching you to ride so much they will go that extra mile if needed. I know I have to pay the fuel bills!

There are two main ways to go, either book daily hourly lessons, doing it at your own pace and budget. Maybe even your own bike especially if on a 125cc (A1) or 400cc (A2) machines. The second option is what the majority of our customers do and that is to do a course with us, which is quicker and fully inclusive of all the bits and bobs you need to get a Licence.

Your training will be carried out on modern, well maintained, clean Motorcycles. We are constantly reviewing and upgrading the fleet of bikes and have recently acquired a fleet of Suzuki gladius SFV 650 and a restricted Yamaha MT-03 for A2 and these very newly bought Honda CBFs for CBTs.

CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

Your 1st step it's the law and great fun.

CBT Compulsory Basic Training is a days training designed to teach you the basics of riding safely on the road. It is the start point for most riders and you are legally bound to do this to ride unattended as a learner.

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DAS or A2 intermediate licence(Direct Access Scheme)

A bigger bike, fancy riding a large one?

Fancy riding a large one? Then the Direct Access Scheme is for you. It is only available to over 24's and the bike you take your test on must be over 53.6 BHP(40KW). Or wanting to upgrade from A1 or over 19 then an A2 licence is the way.

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From Zero to Hero, from nothing to full licence?

The courses we run are designed to get you a full licence as quickly, cheaply and easily as possible.

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