Article on the problems the new test will cause Feb 08
Some of the problems, lack of preparation and reversals highlited in this feature have actually occured.

A claim to compensate to make things fairer Feb 08
Tried my best to get a fairer soloution for us all but it never worked.

The environmental impact who is greener them or us! Mar 08
A new slant that has never been considerd and smacks of hypocrisy

The defferal too little too late. Sep 08
To tell the truth a lot of training schools would have preffered it happened at least we would know where we are instead of another 6 month sentence.

The new test, not researched, not safe, not ready help! Oct 08
Would never happen with any other industry, a totally untried, untested, such poorely prepared product imposed on the nation.

How hard can they make it, as difficult as possible so it seems. Apr 09
Why have they changed things that were never part of the legislation for this test. Is it to make it more difficult to get that Licence?

A Response to the new CON/LIB govenrments review on the new test. Jun 10
The new Government have announced a review but dont hold your breath, a bit sceptical about these things!