So what's it going to cost?

We are the best value bike school in West Yorkshire. Our course prices include everything. NO HIDDEN EXTRAS We constantly review pricing to offer you the most affordable package to either get your CBT or a full motorcycle licence.

What's included

We are one of the best value bike schools in this area

The DVSA constantly raises test fees well above inflation and fuel prices! FUEL PRICES creeping up and up and up! VAT thats another swear word! Regadless of this we try to keep our price structure as competitive as possible all year round. Our courses include CBT as Day 1, the Theory and Practical Test fees, all bike equipment hire and tuition. Most of our competitors have hidden extras, kit hire for instance or you have to arrange and pay your own theory/test fees

If you have your own theory test reduce the course prices by £20.

Course training must be taken in full or half day blocks. Full days are based on 6 hours. When on a course you pay as you go , so you only pay for what you use. If you use your own bike for training there is a price reduction as you cover fuel, insurance and running costs.


£120 Weekdays £95 Weekdays
£140 Weekends £115 Weekends

DAS or A2

1 hr £26 4 DAY £590
2 hr £50 XTRA DAY ON COURSE £120
3 hr £75 XTRA HR ON COURSE £22
Full Day £140

We also offer part courses where students may already have certain bits towards their full Licence, for instance CBT or theory test, maybe even Module 1.

1 DAY Mod 2 only

require CBT, Thy, Mod 1
125 £195 DAS or A2 £215

3 DAY Mod 1 & 2

require CBT and Thy
125 £445 DAS or A2 £470

3 DAY Mod 1 & 2 & Thy

require CBT
125 £465 DAS or A2 £490

We do gift vouchers for that ultimate present! They can be for a specific item, a CBT or a 4 day DAS course, or the A2 upgrade, or they can be for a set amount of fees £3/4/500 whatever you wish. We prepare the vouchers with your exact wording and usually deliver by hand so they remain tip top secret. Even more than General Melcher, his wife and all her tennis club friends. Full instructions on how to commence the training are on the vouchers. If you would like one give us a call and we can explain the procedure and options available to you. Click on the ballons for an idea of what they look like.

Prices are subject to change.