So what do others say?

The testimonies on this page are from former students who have passed their motorbike test and got a full motorcycle licence with 2wheelskool and wanted to leave a message for future student information. We have asked their permission under the new data protection laws. They are all genuine and dated and if there is an email addy or via facebook they may respond to messages/questions you may have. Most are now on our facebook page visit us at 2wheelskool motorcycle training

Warren Alliston 06 Nov 18 Via Facebook page

Thank you so much for getting me through my das!

Sam Brown 03 Oct 18 Via Facebook page

absolutely fantastic people at 2WS they helped me get through my DAS in just 5days in total massive thanks to Jack & Steve and also Loz for providing 2 Wheelskool to me to learn effectively and safe all round good people and the banter is second to non (loved the banter) HIGHLEY RECOMMENDED 5 STAR SERVICE thanks again

Dave Mason 26 Sep 18 Via Facebook page

Amazing training with friendly and down to earth staff, I cannot recommend high enough.

Liam Lambert Pitts 14 Sep 18 Via Facebook page

Absolutely fantastic cant recommend these guys enough, they definitely go above and beyond to help you every step of the way to passing your tests

Miles Smith 10 Sep 18 Via Facebook page

Great riding school, straight forward no messing around and had a good laugh with the instructors

Craig Page 22 Aug 18 Via Facebook page

Can't thank Loz & Steve enough for helping me get my full direct access bike test past (4 days in total start to finish). Really great guys and so helpful, been putting it off for years - god knows why .If you want to get your bike licence or just book a refresher or advanced I'd highly recommended the chaps , can't say enough good words about them and there riding school. I'll be recommending them to everyone, thanks for changing my life ?
Cheers Craig .

Innes Ried 14 Aug 18 Via Facebook page

I did CBT and both big tests with 2Wheelskool over the course of a few months. Flexible payments, excellent instruction and well-maintained bikes that aren't held together with string. The boss, Loz is a real professional and a gentleman too. Couldn't ask for more. Highly recommended.

Lewis Bush 31 Jul 18 Via Facebook page

Went from no bike license to a Class A unrestricted license fast and for a great price due to the training at 2Wheelschool getting me through all the required tests first time. The atmosphere and training the guys produce is first class and they genuinely care about getting you safe for the road.
Thanks guys!

Lee Townend 01 Jul 18 Via Facebook page

Fantastic bunch of lads, I passed mod 1 and 2 first time with them and the training was tailored to meet my needs. Reasonable pricing aswell.

Jord Drummond 17 Jun 18 Via Facebook page

Couldnt recommend a better company, everything is tailored to the individual. Even the payments are flexible which in the current climate for some its a god send, genuine guys who only have your best interests in mind. It only took me 5-6 weeks to go through from the start to finish. Thanks guys and Ill see you in the paddock next season loz. My new race build is underway!

Dan Doran 16 Jun 18 Via Facebook page

Fantsastic training school and a great set of guys. Did my CBT there today and certainly built up my confidence. Would recommend to anyone and I will definitely be going back for my mod1 and 2
Cheers Guys!

Greg Rydzewski 09 May 18 Via Facebook page

Awesome time spent with these guys on the road. Highly recommend to everyone. Thanks 2Wheelskool :)

Daniel Lunn 03 May 18 Via Facebook page

Brilliant training school, got me through my mod 2 with a first time pass. Steve is a brilliant instructor and really knows his stuff. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks again, Dan.

Ali Thomas 20 Apr 18 Via Facebook page

Great training and a really good bunch of lads. Highly recommend

Cisi Cyrielle Pailloux 10 Apr 18 Via Facebook page

Thanks to all of you. Finally got my bike and loving it. See you on roads ??

Rob Mcann 12 Mar 18 Via Facebook page

Thanks guys - really enjoyed the training and a few laughs along the way. Got my license at a spot-on time to get out there now the weather is better. If anyone else is thinking about getting some training done, genuinely make these guys your first call - totally worth it! Good luck to everyone!

Alex Jessop 08 Feb 18 Via Facebook page

Cant stress enough. Use these guys ! Currently doing my A2. Theyve made it such an easy process, the instructors are brilliant, the bikes are looked after and the service is top notch. Well played 2WheelSkool. Well played.

Les Milnes 04 Dec 17 Via Facebook page

Les Milnes reviewd 2Wheelskool Motorcycle Training 5 stars 5*

Andrew Collinson 17 Nov 17 Via Facebook page

Great team - always very helpful and friendly!

Arish Noshirwani 19 Nov 17 Via Facebook page

A fantastic school with fantastic instructors! They take the time out to ensure you're confident before you move on to the next step! I did my DAS with them and did not doubt one second I would not pass the tests thanks to them. Would recommend them to everyone I know! Special shoutout to Steve for the great bants he barks down the mic when he thinks its off!

Mark Stapleton 17 Nov 17 Via Facebook page

Thanks to the brilliant training I received from all the fantastic guys at 2wheelskool I passed my direct access course in less than 4 days. All training and instruction was given in a fun and friendly manor with quite a bit of joking and laughing at ourselves too. Cannot recommend these guys highly enough for the excellent work they do. Thank you. Mark.

Jason Devaney 16 Nov 17 Via Facebook page

Great staff, very knowledgeable, passed both tests first time.

Joe Gartland 15 Nov 17 Via Facebook page

Excellent service really friendly instructors got me through both parts of my test first time would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn.

Tobias Pritchard 30 Oct 17 Via Facebook page

I'd got my cbt about twenty years ago, just never took it any further. Decided this year that I wanted to get my bike license, found these guys and signed up. Cbt was straightforward, but I failed my mod 1 the first time, due to not getting enough speed on the swerve. Kept persisting, got mod 1 on second go, and then had a crack at the mod 2. Steve told me I could do it, and damn it if he wasn't right! You don't get endless classroom teaching, they get you into the bikes as soon as possible, which is exactly what you need to get the license. Thank you fellas!

Shadwell Leeds 30 Oct 17 Via Facebook page

Magicians when it comes to motircycle training. I didnt think i would pass both mod 1 and 2 first time but what did i know. Highly recommended 5* Wahid

Saj Ilyas 23 Oct 17 Via Facebook page

I hadnt even sat on a bike before I came to see these guys and within couple of months I passed my full bike licence. Top top lads especially Steve. Second to none. Cant recommend enough.

Clare Whiteley 27 Sep 17 Via Facebook page

absolutely super. trainers were calm, helpful and positive. would recommend to everyone and anyone

Damon Moore 26 Sep 17 Via Facebook page

Very professional and easy to ride with. Would recommend to anybody Thank you for helping me pass my motorbike test. It was a pleasure. Special thanks to Steve at 2wheelskool your experience and knowledge helped me pass ????

Tez Peacock 23 Aug 17 Via Facebook page

Huge thank you to Steve top guy got me though my DAS with no issues no none sense and no mess you do as he says and your gunna breeze your test. (John Peacock)

Nathan Delaney 14 Aug 17 Via Facebook page

Used these guys for my CBT and then for DAS course. Excellent training. Great instructor, funny, likeable, really nice atmosphere. Cheers Steve and everyone else at 2wheels!

Affy Affy 09 Aug 17 Via Facebook page

Absolutely recommend these guys for your motorbike training. I did my DAS with them and passed my Mod 1 with only 1 minor and Mod 2 which I passed today with only 2 minors. Follow what these guys say and you'll pass with no problems. Also they are really friendly and always having a laugh and joke really enjoyed my training.

James Brown 27 Jul 17 Via Facebook page

Top lads, got me through my DAS no worries. Thanks guys.

Adam Campbell 24 Jul 17 Via Facebook page

Did both my CBT and direct access here when I became 25, great guys all very helpful got me from my 125 onto a 500 couldn't be happier. Would reccomend to anyone. Thanks again guys

Arfan Saleem 24 Jul 17 Via Facebook page

Thanks guys. Couldnt have done it without 2wheelskool. Really appreciate all you did for me and most importantly being patient with me. My only regret was putting it off for so long, wish I done it earlier. Will pop round when I pick a bike up, in the mean will see what you guys are up to on here. Thanks once again.

Steve Young 12 Jul 17 Via Facebook page

Did my CBT with Steve last Friday and bought this on the way home and picked up today. It was a tough day for 2Wheelskool as one of the team had been taken ill, but a bit of rearranging saw me through the CBT. I'll try this for a few months and then think about taking my test. Thanks for your help last week.

Mark Davenport 06 Jun May 17 Via Facebook page

Recently did my Mod 2 with these guys. Worked with PJ, Loz and Peter. All excellent and all looking _way_ beyond the test to teach you to ride safely and with confidence. Excellent team. Don't hesitate. They're the most keenly priced in the area and up there with the best. Don't be put off by the modest surroundings ;-) the training is first class and you get a genuine sense of their passion for DOING IT PROPERLY!! All of the instructors are excellent and there's a reassuring consistency in approach across the team. Good job, guys.

Lucas Craven 23 May 17 Via Facebook page

Went with these guys 2 weeks ago on a saturday for my CBT. I had previously gone with another local who thought I wasn't capable of being on the road and had me drilling the same thing over and over for 3 hours. These guys however were BANG on. Your only as good as the instructions you get, and these guys gave instructions with clarity. They took me out on the road, no dramas and I passed first time! Can't recommend them enough! Will be back for further training and a Mod 1 & 2 in a year or so!

Shaun Walsh 18 May 17 Via Facebook page

I really can't thank these guys and PJ enough, so glad i went with this training school very professional and a laugh at the same time, did my DAS course in 5 weeks passed everything first time down to there training and advise. I would recommend anyone looking at getting there full bike license to give them a call.

Ryan Bell 13 May 17 Via Facebook page

Really good experience learning to ride with these guys! I did a DAS course and everything went really smoothly.. Didn't rush me on anything but really progressed my riding as I was learning. I passed my Mod 1 with no minors and Mod 2 with 5 minors - both first time! That just shows that what they teach really works and is easy to take in. Bikes are really nice too! Highly recommended!

Ben Lewis Grange 13 May 17 Via Facebook page

Done both A2 and Full A licenses here too guys! Very instructive and fun doing it! ?? passed first time on everything? thanks again guys ???

Matthew Walker 21 Apr 17 Via Facebook page

Fantastic school. I had never ridden a motorbike before the start of March this year. I took the Direct Access Course and passed my theory, Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time thanks to their great training. Very friendly, with banter in true Yorkshire fashion! They tell you as it is, which the best way to learn! Can't recommend enough

Marshall Gore 07 Apr 17 Via Facebook page

Just brilliant and fun from start to finish. Took 4 days for training and to pass mod 1 and 2. Could not of done it without these guys and PJ was outstanding instructor who puts u at ease and takes piss if mess up lol

Sam Walker 01 Apr 17 Via Facebook page

Awesome set of blokes and PJ, can't thank them enough for getting me through my DAS and tbh I rode like a idiot on my CBT but they whipped me into shape! 8 weeks ago I had my first taste of motorbike riding doing my CBT and nearly thought it wasn't for me, I stuck with it and on Wednesday passed my DAS mod2, this morning I picked up my first motorbike, massive thank you to all you guys for been patient with me.

Dave Capstick 29 Mar 17 Via Facebook page

Massive thanks to everybody for teaching me how to ride a bike, passing both MOD1 and 2 1st time having never rides a bike before just shows how good these guys are. Great value for money and loads of laughs along the way. Thanks again Dave.Big thanks to Steve, PJ, Loz and everybody at 2wheelskool for helping me pass both MOD1 and 2 1st time without any previous riding experience. If anybody is thinking of learning to ride come see these lot, great value and plenty laughs along the way. Cheers Dave.

Jonny James Whitfield 22 Mar 17 Via Facebook page

Anyone who is looking for a fast PASS and deacent rates ?? Training is second to none. Get booked in and passed ready for Summer ?????2Wheelskool Motorcycle Training

Kyle Potts 06 Mar 17 Via Facebook page

Brilliant company highly recommend them to anyone, and a massive thanks to steve for putting up with me, I rang up at end of January having only 2 months until my cbt run out, and they had me passed in no time and now I have a a2 licence in less than a month ?

Karen Peach 06 Mar 17 Via Facebook page

I came with a history of refusing to ever learn to drive and a deep fear of traffic. I'd obtained my CBT twice before, but never had obtained the confidence to get out there on my own afterwards. From first contact with 2wheelskool, when I spoke to a very helpful Jack, who assured me of flexibility in my training needs, through to the eventual sound of "I'm pleased to tell you that you've passed" (the Mod 2), I received many cups of tea, laughs, and most importantly, expert advice on all I needed to do to pass the test. A special thanks to Pete, Steve and PJ who spent the most time with me, for their exceptional patience, expertise, and professionalism. I REALLY couldn't have done it without you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Rameez Khawaja 06 Mar 17 Via Facebook page

Haha where to start with these charmers. I can't honestly think of a bad thing to say about these guys. Did my DAS and went from zero experience to passing everything first time. Don't bother reading reviews just get on with em. All the best

Rory Fritz 19 Feb 17 Via Facebook page

brilliant training and really down to earth blokes to boot.

Zakeria Talokia 15 Feb 17 Via Facebook page

2wheelskool are very good at what they do, I would recommended them any day.

Kat Morse 01 Feb 17 Via Facebook page

I did my direct access with 2 Wheelskool 9 years ago. I went to them after using another provider and really noticed the difference. They spot EVERYTHING and tell you. The instructors are level headed but fun. I went back 6 years ago for a refresher as there had been a 3 year delay until I got my bike. It was the best lesson I ever had, teaching me real road craft as opposed to passing the test.

Rob Preston 22 Jan 17 Via Facebook page

Completed my CBT yesterday with Pete and Jack (I think!) and thoroughly enjoyed it, very supportive, great teaching methods and good banter too which helped ease the nerves! I'll definitely be back for more training and to get myself through the full test later in the year. Thanks, Rob.

Alexander Marshall 18 Jan 17 Via Facebook page

Absolutely mint..... drive like they show you and job done. 100% to them all easy going down to earth..... Thanks for your help.

Dean Greenwood 06 Jan 17 Via Facebook page

Great team great training made us feel at ease Highly recommend Thanks guys

Paul Hird 26 Dec 16 Via Facebook page

In Aug-16 I decided I wanted to ride a motorbike and found 2Wheelskool on google! I did my CBT, Mod1 & Mod2.....also organised my Theory Test. It took me 6 or 7 full days and passed Mod 1 & 2 at the first attempt. If you chose 2WheelSkool and listen and follow the training and advise you receive, you will pass first time also. During my training i spent time with the whole team, Jack, Pete, Paula, Steve & Loz. Great training from each!! Thanks guys, I enjoyed and looked forward to my training days!!

George Anderson 21 Dec 16 Via Facebook page

Excellent people, great feedback, always knew what I needed to do to improve! Cheers :-)

Katy Hutchins 21 Nov 16 Via Facebook page

Did some training elsewhere first but so glad I found out about these guys! Paula was an amazing trainer! ?

Amir Abideen 02 Nov 16 Via Facebook page

Started in April 2016 and passed Mod 2 in November. Having never sat on a motorbike before, I completed CBT and DAS. Thank you to Pete and Jack for being super patient with me during my extended CBT (especially on those rainy days) and for making riding fun. Great tuition and guidance. Thank you to PJ, Steve and Loz. Again, really patient with tuition that will help you pass Mod 1 and 2. We had some awesome laughs and trials along the way and it was fun throughout. I will be coming back in Spring 2017 for the Enhanced Training as I am always seeking to improve. I have no hesitation in recommending 2WheelSkool to all. Thank you to all the team once again, hope see you soon.

Craig Davies 01 Nov 16 Via Facebook page

If you want a full bike licence , this is the place to do it. Great training , great laughs from great people. I didn't just come away from this with a full bike licence I also made new friends that I plan on riding with as much as possible. A huge thank you to Loz , PJ , Steve , Peter and Jack. 2Wheelskool is the best , come and try it. Cheers Craig

Danny Parkington 31 Oct 16 Via Facebook page

Absolutely loved my training with these guys.(DAS) Made it fun even when I made it hard work for them. Always friendly and all have a great sense of humour. Where else can you go and get the micky took for the bargain price of a days training. Special thanks to PJ and Steve as you had to put up with me the most. They were always happy enough to work with me to fit training round my work. Thanks again all of you. I cant wait until spring to come back for some more training to make me safer. Cheers Danny.

JamesDuffy 30 Sep 16 Via Facebook page

Did my cbt, mod1 and mod2 all within 4 days. Chuffed to bits with the help and methods of teaching from all the instructors. Passed all first time which was a bonus. Would recommend to anybody.

Grant Martin 15 Sep 16 Via Facebook page

Great bunch of instructors. Did a DAS course with them. If you do what they tell you to then you will pass.

Josh Featherstone 23 Aug 16 Via Facebook page

just passed my Direct access with the this school! great help and great training from there team! especially to Steve! cracking instructor and a great laugh also ? thanks a lot ?

Chris Green 13 Jul 16 Via Facebook page

Just passed mod 1 and mod 2 with these guys. Definite recommendation to anyone looking to do their test. Big mention to Steve and pj who got me through it all

Callum Hirst 07 Jul 16 Via Facebook page

Couldn't have asked for better instructors to help me through my mod 1 and mod 2 tests, so down to earth, understanding and helpful people!!! Would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of taking their test! Cheers guys!!! (And Paula) :-):-):-)

Trevor Craggs 15 Jun 16 Via Facebook page

Thanks to Loz, Steve, Pj and Pete I recently passed my DAS and found it enjoyable as well as informative. Their training methods made the transition from bus driver to biker very easy, making it possible to understand what faults I had with my riding and how to rectify them. I will definitely be recommending 2wheelskool to any of my friends and family wishing to make the move to motorbiking.

Dan O'Connell 16 May 16 Via Facebook page

I have just recently done the complete DAS course with these guys. Thanks to them I passed everything first time with no faults/minors on both my Mod1 and Mod2 tests. The teaching method does differ from any other course Ive done before but it evidently works very well. I went from having no experience of riding a geared bike to passing my Mod2 after just 6 days (which included the CBT, Mod1 and Mod2 tests) with Pete and PJ. Thanks for your time and getting me a motorbike licence!

Danny Hill 27 Apr 16 Via Facebook page

Thanks everyone for helping me get through my Das course and passing my test, great people great instructors.

Ben Straker 08 Apr 16 Via Facebook page

I have just passed my DAS with 2wheelskool. Want to say a big thank you to the team Loz, Pete, PJ and Steve who really made the course an unforgettable experience. I think it is their unique training style that made me feel at ease and confident from start to finish. I would certainly recommend 2wheelskool to anyone looking to learn to ride. I travelled from Wakefield for my training and so glad I did because I passed all parts first time with their excellent training. Thanks again guys. I will keep a lookout for you all on my travels...

Danny Ansbro 07 Apr 16 Via Facebook page

Quality people and quality training thanks guys

Emma Clegg 29 Mar 16 Via Facebook page

Very nice people and great instructors, easy to get on with and very knowledgeable. Thank you guys xx

Tom Croft 14 Mar 16 Via Facebook page

Took the Direct Access course. Faultless, patient instruction that covered everything I needed and some extra tips too! Passed both modules first time and couldn't have asked for better tuition! Thanks guys!!

Richard Crossland 18 Feb 16 Via Facebook page

Just passed my Mod 2 all thanks to 2Wheelskool. I began my training with another school in Bradford but failed my Mod 2 twice with little hope of things improving. So I decided to give another school a try and straight away the difference was incredible. PJ identified my faults and then worked tirelessly to correct them going way passed what was expected. Steve carried on the good work raising my confidence and preparing me for the test. I found 2Wheelskool extremely professional and there structured approach worked for me changing my Bike training from disaster to success.

Azza Bridge 11 Feb 16 Via Facebook page

Did my cbt there and loved it the instructor were very good and made sure you was good with the first thing to the last would recommend them to all my friends

Abigail Hirst 13 Jan 16 Via Facebook page

Great teaching and great school! Passed mod 1 and mod 2 first time and if I can do it anyone can with the help from these guys!

Luke Akrigg 04 Dec 15 Via Facebook page

Did my DAS with them and passed all 3 tests first time, including a clean pass for my mod 2. Great and friendly trainers who will tell and show you exactly what is required to pass each test. Listen to what they tell you and you'll fly through each part with ease.

George Hurrel 15 Oct 15 Via Facebook page

Just completed my DAS course with 2wheelskool. Passed first time. What a bunch of top people. Super qualified and really great teachers, patient and down to earth. Ready to take the mick if you don't get something right but all in good spirit. Thanks to Peter for my CBT. Steve for my MOD1 and PJ for my MOD2. and thanks to Loz for taking all my money! :-) hope your leg gets better soon.

Neil Dawson 27 Sep 15 Via Facebook page

I would like to thank Loz,Tony, Steve and Rachel for getting me through my full bike licence. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get their bike licence. No nonsense relaxed training but great to have a laugh with.

Linda Lynch 21 Sep 15 Via Facebook page

Just over a year now since I passed mod 2 with 2Wheelskool. What a fab year out on the bike every weekend come rain or shine. Went to France in June and clocked up 1700 miles. Thought I could ride a bike before I went, sure as hell could when I came back. Thanks for the new lease of life!

Neil Morton 04 Sep 15 Via Facebook page

Many thanks too all at 2wheelskool , expert tuition and genuinely nice people too boot . Me and my Ninja at ace cafe London.

Adam Ramoth 07 Aug 15 Via Facebook page

Had a great time learning with PJ, and subsequently passed both mod 1 and mod 2 with ease! Had a good laugh aswell. I would recommend the school to everyone wanting to learn to ride.

Martin Conquest 29 Jul 15 Via Facebook page

Thks for the Pass much needed but at last lol...

James Ketteringham 29 Jun 15 Via Facebook page

Literally just passed and on the train home... Absolutely fantastic school, all the instructors are great, had PJ, Steve and Loz on different days and they all teach the same way as well! Will be looking at possibly more training when funds allow!

Kristian Spear 29 May 15 Via Facebook page

Brilliant! Great job guys, Steve and Loz were great, very patient and easy to get along with, thanks guys

Jay Mougly Mills 13 May 15 Via Facebook page

Thanks to all at 2wheelskool wouldnt of got through it without any of you really good instructors they give you plenty of good advice and are very patient with the training once again thanks to all of you would recommend the school to anyone

Nick Kane 05 mar 15 Nick Kane

Hi Loz,
Just a short note to say a big thanks to PJ, Steve and the rest of you. I enjoyed my training and was made to feel welcome and not just another newbie. I feel I was taught in a way that I felt relaxed, and even making a mistake, they explained with out knocking your confidence. So keep up the good work and thanks again.
I dont have face book so I can not comment on your page but feel free to use this email.

Simon Peck 26 Jan 15 Via Facebook page

Never ridden a bike before I started my training and these guys got me through with only 4 1/2 days training. Top notch trainers who are real bikers and tell you how it is. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn properly.

Bart "theMachine" Cwikla 09 Jan 15 Via Facebook page

Did my A2 with these lot, passed and had great fun riding the MT-03! Top instructors dispensing top tips!!! See you in 2 years ;)

Matt Smith 07 Nov 14 Via Facebook page

Passed my mod2 with these guys after trying other schools in Bradford these guys and girl are the best. They even have a a sense of humor .....Pj will make you all a cup of tea and make you feel at home ;-) Thanks again will be back for further training on my own bike next year.

John paperboy Hewitt 16 Oct 14 Via Facebook page

Great set of People Very Professional in there work.Got me through my full test.

Stuart McCreadie 22 Dec 14 Via Facebook page

Thanks guys, :-)

Les Milnes 21 Dec 14 Via Facebook page

Thanks Loz and Steve happy christmas couldn't have done it without your help and patience cheers .

Sabine Popple 09 Dec 14 Via Facebook page

Thank you for everything :o) Merry Christmas to you all too.

Lloyd Ingram 07 Oct 14 Via Facebook page

Great place with great instructors they got me through my direct access course within three week over all. Only actually doing 3 and 1/2 days inc tests plus cbt. Passed with flying colours thanks to the instructors. Thank You all soo much been wanting to do this for a long time.

Daniel Teale 11 Jul 14

I just wanted to say a big thanks for all the help in helping me pass the tests mod 1+2. I'm not on Facebook so can't put a review but you can put this on from me you guys are great in what you do and are very friendly and funny people il never forget when Paula said that dog needs a diet / I've seen her before in the walking dead lol.

A Big Thanks again to Steve and Paula Daniel Teale :)

Adam Nicholson 07 Jul 14 Via Facebook page

Thanks Loz , and everyone at 2 wheel skool , could not have got on the road with out you , now got me cbr 600 super sport, thanks guys !!!!

(There is a picture of it at on the post dated 05 Jun 14 Been glued to ITV4 watching TT...............)

Paul Cooper 03 Jun 14 Via Facebook page

Thought I would share my experience learing with the guys and gal at 2 wheel skool ...most of my training was done with Steve a great lad for a southerner and a really dry sense of humour like myself ...lots of laughs along the way and really knows his stuff had a great knack of calming me down when my bum was twitching an all round great guy ...Loz is a really nice guy very patient even when I dropped the bike oops sorry Loz ,....... knows his stuff inside out only had a few hours with PJ but knew her from a cbt many moons ago and she was great too.
All in all if you want the best and cheapest training around with lots of laughs to keep you going when you feel like you really should give up then give 2wheel a try ...I cant thank them enough for getting me through my tests.

Cheers Guys will be back for some advance training when funds allow :)

Lee Luvsmakidz Smith Apr 14 Via Facebook page

Defo a five star. Great team of instructors. Learnt me all I needed to no. Got me passed fast. Highley recomended. Thankyou

Tim Knibbs 24 Apr 14 Via Facebook page

These guys are the best. With no previous experience with bikes, they helped me through all the tests. I highly recommend them!

Richard Skinny Brown end Feb 14 Via Facebook page

Awesome Bike school, great instructors, thanks to you all that helped me on the way, and special thanks to lozza your a legend and you own the best bike School in the country.
Now ACU licence and Racing!

Dan Pye end Feb 14 Via Facebook page

For all those who have ever thought about learning to ride a bike or going to learn a bike, I highly recommend 2wheelskool. You cannot argue with the fantastic value for money packages they offer and the laid back professionalism they put in to teach you. I have never ridden a motorbike in my life and for a new years resolution I decided im going to do it and went from zero to hero in a 3 day package. The most daunting part for me was picking up the phone to book myself in, but honestly dont be shy, Loz will put you at ease straight away and make you feel very welcome.
Id like to thank Steve alot as he really has a laugh with you and gets rid of all nerves before a test. PJ for the module 1 training and Loz for taking my money haha only kidding. I hope to see you guys around on the roads when I find the right bike, its been a pleasure and thank you. Ps: I wouldnt recommend turning up early or asking where Reception is when you turn up, Steve will rip you to shreds.

Sam Whittfield end Jan 14 Via Facebook page

Brilliant guys well trained instructors they give you 100'/, what you need to get your full bike lisence thanks Loz & Steve

Lee Rowland 7 Dec 13 Via Facebook page

A massive THANK YOU to all at 2Wheelskool, Great guys, great skool, great training... Passed my test in just under 3 weeks, from CBT-Theory-Mod1-Mod2.. passed everything 1st time (Happy Bunny) Best Christmas prezie ever ! lol can start looking for my dream bike in the new year now Thanks again & Merry Christmas.....
Just want to say thanks again to the lads and PJ for getting me through my test yesterday. Got my bike insured the minute I got home and haven't been off it since! Tell Steve his training was bang on and he's a top bloke as I didn't get to see him afterwards. Cheers for all the hard work.

David Lynn 31 Oct 13

Hi Loz.
Just want to say thanks again to the lads and PJ for getting me through my test yesterday. Got my bike insured the minute I got home and haven't been off it since! Tell Steve his training was bang on and he's a top bloke as I didn't get to see him afterwards. Cheers for all the hard work.


Liam Williams from facebook page 29 Oct 13

Great instructors! I had a lot of fun with these guys. I've had even more fun after passing my DAS!

Steve Whiteley from facebook page 17 Oct 13

Well what is they to say everybody else has said it, & i can assure you will enjoy learning with these instructors Loz, Steve, Pj, Mark & Peter, A Big Thanks again ps took mine in that heavy rain 16/10/2013 & still passed :-)

Ashley Pardoe from facebook page 09 Sep 13

If, like me, you have been considering getting a bike licence for years, this is a great place to come. I can't recommend Loz and his team enough. A special thanks to Troggy who tolerated me most days through the training. Despite the fact that I asked questions "like a woman", he persevered and got me through. All great people make you feel comfortable on bike, and always ready to take the piss when the need arises. I'll miss the banter, but not the L plates. Thanks again to all of you.

Peter handley from facebook page 10 Sep 13

If you want to ride a bike give Loz a call and don't look back. Just don't stop too close behind PJ or she'll be looking back at you with the kind of look only a woman can give!

Lee Squires from facebook page 21 Aug 13

Never thought to do this earlier but this school is awesome such good teaching methods managed to get me through my mod 2 to give me a great Summer of riding thanks guys

Marc Smirthwaite from facebook page 08 Aug 13

Excellent down to earth instructors. Would highly recommend these guys and girls!

Robert Teddy Fountain from facebook page 15 Jul 13

Did my full bike test with these fellas highly recommend great bunch

Peter Hepworth from facebook page 31 May 13

Never let you rest on your laurels and push you far further than the test requires. My learning starts now and thanks to these guys I know where I need to concentrate my efforts. I'll be back for advanced training....think I may need it. Loz, Mark, Martin and Steve...cheers guys

Donna "Dee" Fearnley from facebook page 05 Mar 13

Can't recommend this company enough. Great guys and so accommodating with a gf buying a present for her other half. Thanks Loz and gang. He started smiling om Christmas Day and hasn't stopped since! :-)

Khadam Ali 14 May 13

Hello Loz,
Its been a few weeks since my Mod2 test but as you know Ive been a little busy with travel through work. As I was searching the net looking for which bike I should get (Mod 1 and Mod 2 are very easy compared to the task of actually deciding which bike to get) I remembered that I have not contacted you to say how much I appreciated the time and effort you guys put in to ensure I passed. So a big Thank You to you and the team Mark (for his funny stories and dislike of anything faster than 125 cc), Martin (he scares me but always has a wise word to say), PJ (I think she scares everyone) and most of all to Steve for his endless patience and relaxed approach to teaching.could not have done it without you.

As I continue to search for that first Big Bike please feel free to use this to let others out there know what a wonderful set-up you have and I have no reservation in recommending your school to anyone who wants to learn to ride in a relaxed but professional environment. Hope to see you guys soon for some advanced training once I get myself a bike.

Thank You.

Simon Lawless 07 May 13

Hi Loz,
Just got back in new scooter from bradford motorcycles! thanks for the lift this morning and give mark a pay rise he was excellent lol. Thanks anyway, i appreciate it. I wrote a bit underneath dunno if you want it as a review for your site. Just bought a new scooter after passing my CBT with Mark today, top guy and a really good teacher, i would recommend 2wheelskool to anyone wanting to pass there CBT.

Cheers Si

Chris Nriapia 03 May 13

Hi Loz,
Just a quick email to say thanks to you, Mark & Steve for getting me through my CBT. Im new to biking so I was instantly put as ease through both Marks and Steves professional but relaxed manner. The way they went over points that were new to me and made everything very clear. What I also found useful was all the legal aspect I didnt think about until Mark and Steve informed me of them. Overall it was a really fun way of learning which was fantastic. Looking forward to seeing you guys in 2 years time when my cbt will need renewing.
All the best

Peter Cooper 14 Apr 13

Hi Loz,
thanks alot for the lessons, tell the lads I said many thanks for helping me pass. The lessons were great and I thought it would have taken longer to get there but it was a real fast turn around. All the best for the future and I hope to see you on the open road.

Cheers Pete :)

Tim Glennon 06 Apr 13

Hi Loz,
A short note to thank yourself and the rest of the motley crew, Mark, Steve and Martin for doing a great job of teaching me to ride a bike and pass the test. Who would of thought? I thought that I had failed but he passed me with 1 minor! Will call in when I get a bike, and will do the advanced training when you think I need it.
Thanks again.

Craig McNiven from facebook page 17 Oct 12

Id like to thank 2wheelskool for there excellent training. Really enjoyed my time and all the staff are great laf, big thanks to PJ as she was the one who did most of my training before my tests.

Chris Lawton from facebook page 04 Oct 12

If Carlsberg made Motorbike driving schools - this would be it... Instructors are down to earth & for once Ive found a training school that dont give you the sense they are trying to rip you off or just confuse you with whats expected... Rang and got a straight answer about likely costs & pass options from Loz... threeish weeks later Ive passed theory, mod one & mod two in the least cost possible & without actualy having to lift a finger as it was all sorted out for me... cannot fault them at all (Thanks specifically to PJ and Steve, but mainly PJ as she had to put up with me on MOD one and two)...

Andy Hodgson from facebook page 01 Oct 12

hi guys wana say a huge thankyou to all at 2 wheel skool and especially steve for doing my cbt and martin for the rest what a guy martin is found it so easy to get on with him and it makes learning far easier true legend all at 2 wheel skool a big thankyou now wheres my bike keys ????????????????

Maggie Mcleod from facebook page 21 Sep 12

Hi Steve,martin,mark,pj n loz, well as you will kno i finally passed yesterday!! still not sunk in lol. just wanted to say a big thank you to u all for getting me there !! took awhile but i made it with your help each of you had a little input in your own way, making me feel comfortable n at ease which at times wasn't easy as u kno my nerves got the better of me!! the jokes, the tears n banter all helped. cheers guys n thank you again

Julian Briggs 21 Sep 12

Hi Loz,

I thought I'd drop you a note to thank you and your team for the excellent & fun training to get me through all my tests this summer. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. I was delighted to go from an absolute novice to passing all tests 1st time in a short time.

I am now the owner of a BMW F800ST. Great fun. Please pass on my thanks to Mark, Steve & PJ for all their help. I will of course recommend 2 wheelskool in the future.

Kind Regards
Julian Briggs

Vic Lunn 20 Aug 12

Hi Loz, Steve & Martin

Just a quick message to say a big thanks to Steve and Martin for getting me through the DAS motorcycle test, would defiantly recommend your school, for its first class training. Passed each part first time due to the confidence Steve and martin drilled into me, even though they were probably pulling their hair out in frustration when I made constant mistakes.( well not Steve ! )

So after 35 years since my last ride on my Yamaha Dt 175 I finally have a full licence. Many thanks again for your excellent training.

Best Regards

David Price 25 Jul 12

Hi Loz, Steve & Martin

Wanted to write to say thanks very much for getting me through my DAS course with minimum fuss. The training was top notch & very enjoyable & I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your school to anyone. For anyone thinking about using 2WheelSkool I suggest you do.

Pricing was accurate & I passed Module 1 with 1 Minor at the second attempt. I failed the 1st attempt due to nerves which was nobodys fault but mine. Module 2 was passed at the 1st attempt with 4 Minors. All this after I haven't been on a bike for over 10 years. Well maintained modern bikes, friendly & professional instructors & a decent bit of banter. Cheers Guys.


Nad 03 Jul 12

Loz, Steve, Mark and the Troggy

Guys, just wanted to say a big thank you to all for helping me get through my DAS a couple of weeks ago. You guys have been brilliant from day 1, starting with my cbt. Steve was excellent and built my confidence and skills to get me thorugh mod 1 - although i think by mod 2 he was sick of me but nonetheless, loved his humor and his teaching style. Happy belated birthday Troggy, hope u had a good 60th haha.

I thoroughly enjoyed my riding and will recommend you guys to anyone seeking to get onto 2 wheels and once again thank you.
P.S. Baby Alayna and mum are good - just giving me a damn headache - need to find a bike now and dissappear everytime they get a lil too much. and all my documents are now correct :-)

Many thanks Nad

Damion Sutton 14 May 12

Hi loz

Just wanted to say thanks to you Steve and troggy for getting me through the test and making it as enjoyable as it was. Had a great time learning with you guys.. Trying to get the wife to do her test but she haven none of it... Got my self 2002 aprilia sl1000 falco nice to be legal for a change.... So thanks again and good luck for the future..

Damion sutton
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Liam Watson 12 Apr 12

hi Loz, Mark, Steve and Troggy,

Just wanted to say thanks in particular Mark for getting me through the cbt, Steve for putting up with me for hours on end through the mod 1 and mod 2. and thanks to Loz and Troggy for the couple of lessons i had with you. Now to hunt down a 1999 fireblade any suggestions steve??

Steve Miller 01 Dec 11

Hi Loz,

Thought I would write this to you now as it's all still fresh in my mind, thanks so much for getting me through my CBT and DAS training and big thanks to Steve and Troggy (Martin) especially as without them pushing me on all the time I wouldn't have had a chance of passing, it makes me smile when I think how in such a short space of time you got me from having no experience and wobbling about on the 125 on CBT day to passing the Mod 2 in what seemed like a force 9 gale and torrential rain only yesterday.

The training you guys give is second to none and the fact you manage to do it with some humor thrown in too makes learning all that much easier, I would be more than happy to recommend 2wheelskool to anyone and I'm afraid you haven't seen the last of me either cause as I intend to return to do the ERS training with you as soon as I have a few miles under my belt.

Many thanks once again
Stephen Miller

Dave Stansfield 13 Nov 11

Hey up Loz,

Just want to thank you and your team for helping me to get through the test of dread, special thanks to Mark for the cbt bit. and Steve for the part 2,
I really loved every minute of the training, and would recommend you all to anyone. got my bike on the road and never again will i have to wear the L plate
for the unenlightened. Its a real buzz been able to hop on something decent so i only have good stuff to say bout the DAS course. stay lucky guys and keep it real

Russell Evans 24 Sep 11 (belated)

Hi Loz and all at 2wheelskool,

Just a short note to say a big thanks to all of you for getting me through my DAS back in August. Each of you contributed in your own way. Loz, for your brutal but totally fair assessment of my riding when I first arrived. Mark, Troggy and Steve for working on my skills and confidence, and for coaching me through Pt1. And finally PJ for your patience, humour and teaching to get me through Pt2.
As someone who works in the adult learning business I appreciate your collective professionalism, skill and different styles; and how you set out to make things stretching yet enjoyable. The perfect combination!
So, in a nutshell, I'll be recommending you to anyone seeking to get going on 2 wheels. Please feel free to display my email address alongside this testimonial.

Cheers Russell Evans

Mark Pennington 10 Aug 11

TO loz,steve,martin,mark and pj

I would like to thank you all for the training from my CBT right through to my DAS training which im happy to say i passed my mod1 first time and my mod2 first time which would not of been possible without 2wheelskools training and skills all the staff are so friendly and helpful and a good laugh wich helps. when i saw your website i saw it said (we are so confident of our training methods and content that we will GUARANTEE if you ride on your motorbike test the way we teach, YOU WILL PASS) well i must admit you guys are right and anyone i know or meet in the future i who wants to do there test i will highly recommend your training skool .

so a big big thank you all again its something iv wanted to do for 17 years and just kept putting it off but now iv finnaly done it with your help off to scarbrough on sunday my first day out on my bike a gsx 600f slingshot carnt wait thanks guys.

Nigel Sheridan 28 Jul 11

Thanks to all the guys for getting me thru my test.

when i was thinking of which school to go to and read the testemonials i thought too good to be true i was wrong. couldnt recomend any higher if you want professional training at a reasonable price with a bit of craic then go here, you wont go wrong

Andy Clavin 06 Jul 11

Andy 06 july 2011

hi guys i just want to say a big thanks to u all for gettin me through my test a big thanks to stev for mod 1 a good laugh!! pj a good teacher . even when she shows the camra footage for u been framed . a very good teaching school and would recomend to any one . great team my see u all in futre for my advanced training thanks agian.
Andy clavin

Kathryn Langan 24 Jun 11

Loz, Something for your website...
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for making my year!

Popped over from France to visit friends and family and decided to do my Direct Access at the same time. I had experience of riding a 125 in France, but as Troggy loved pointing out I had some very bad habits and he had to ask me to stop cornering like I was on mountain roads...

Thanks for organising everything to fit in with my visit and giving me the confidence to pass both Mod1 & Mod2 first time. For my Mod1 I was so nervous, but for the Mod2 I had a great ride out in the morning before my test and the final words of encouragement really helped me to control the nerves and just enjoy the ride. A huge thanks to Troggy for making it an enjoyable and fun experience, especially when he tried to translate some instructions into French...

Everyone in the team has the ability to make you feel relaxed, which makes it easier to build your confidence. I'm even more impressed that Loz got my husband to feel relaxed whilst doing his CBT - this is a huge achievement in itself! Thanks again to everyone, and hopefully see you next year for my husband to do his Direct Access!!

Take care
Red (Kathryn Langan)

Mohammed Boota 23 Jun 11

To Loz and his A TEAM

I just wanted to send you this little Note just to say thank you so very much for getting me through my Das Bike test and going that extra mile to ensure I didn't mess it up. I can not Fault the experience nor the training that you provide for you me. I would Have No Problem in recommending 2wheelskool Motorcycle School to anyone, your good service and good advice and excellent tutoring. Thank you Martin for module 1 training as you know i was shy and didn't speak too much only if i had to, PJ (Paula) Module 2 traning and steve on the day of module 2 test, thanks for that little telling of undue hesitation when setting of .

Best Wishes. thanks you all.
from BOOTA

John Pattinson 23 Jun 11

Loz - just a final thanks to you and the team for getting my through the DAS test. I don't know if you wanted a few words testimony for the website, but if you do, feel free to use my email.

As you know, I entered the training a real beginner and was quite nervous getting back in the saddle having only really tootled on mopeds and the like when younger. It doesn't take long with the encouragement from the team and the friendly banter to over come those early fears and gain some confidence on the bike and out on the roads. Anyway, I am fortunate to have gotten through the process, got my license, got my bike and had a few hours enjoyment as soon as I got it out the showroom!

All the team have been great supporting me through the process and coaching me on with riding but I especially wanted to say a big thanks to Martin (Troggy) for finding the right words at the right time and getting me to dig deep for the last push in Mod 2 - so thanks Trogmeister!

Take care folks and thanks once again Kind RegardsJP
John Pattinson(Director)

Michael O'Connell 02 Jun 11

hi loz

just a quick note to say thanks, thats now 5 people from work who have passed first time with your and another one is due to be calling you too, once he passes his theory (which he's not getting much stick about) . big thanks to steve/martin and pj who i did my training with over the three days. steve really helped me relax just before the test as i was bricking it but managed to use the examiner as a sat nav like he told me to and so i didnt flap. i now have a 600s bandit in the garden i have to learn to ride a bit before coming back for my ERS.

thanks again
mick oconnell

Paddy Anderson 11 May 11


Just a note to thank you and your team for getting me through module 1 & 2. The whole experience was made enjoyable by the relaxed way both Steve and Martin approached the training, regularly taking the P*** when mistakes were made but reinforcing the serious elements of riding when needed. I would gladly recommend 2wheelskool to anyone wanting to take up riding.


Ryan De Blick 24 Apr 11

Hi loz just a note for your website to say thanks for the training.

A big thanks to Steve for all the help and support through my mod 1 and 2 would recommend this school to anyone who is wanting to learn to ride. Many thanks Ryan

Steve Pullan 31 Mar 11

Hi ya Loz,

I passed on 2 Sept last year, & after speaking to yet another friend and recommending your school I thought i'd better check the website & school was still up & running and not a sad statistic of the recession. Thankfully you are, I noticed, whilst browsing, the testimonials and felt obliged to echo what everyone else on there was saying. I had zero experience on a motorbike and felt i should just begin training with eyes and ears wide open and let it take as long as it needs to. I was suprised at how quickly i began to feel confident and not worried about the inevitable road training, thanks in large to the no nonesense tailored training. Even within a group they (steve n martin) quickly ironed out each students problems ready for the road. Before i knew it I was booked for my MOD1, and thanks to some fantastic advice and one to one training (problems with slow riding) from PJ on the morning of my MOD 1, I passed with no minors

The final test was booked already all i had to do was choose a date. 1st time FAIL due to me missing an advisory speed limit of 30 and carried on with taps opened up to 60 - bit of advice from my lesson learnt, if the examiner is no longer right behind you in your mirror... theres something wrong.... Anyway booked straight back in and passed with 2 minors after in total the equivalent of 4 days training. Fantastic no bullshit ( apart from martins crap jokes, ha ) training who really do do what it says on the tin. Just waiting for suzi 900 to get fixed & will detour for a coffee...

Thanks guys
Steve Pullan

Cam Ud Din 19 Mar 11

Loz and crew,

Just a quick note to thank you all at 2wheelskool for helping me obtain a full licence in the space of 6 weeks having never ridden a bike and for flexibility in accommodating coaching around my days off and shifts. I can only echo a number of other comments left on your website, in that there was plenty of banter and mickey taking.

This made it a pleasure and a relaxed atmosphere to learn in, although serious where it needed to be. My road awareness has increased ten fold and having recently purchased a Honda Cbr600 and commuted to work realised how many bad car drivers are out there! Anyway, I would definitely recommend 2wheelskool and all the staff there particularly, Martin and Mark. Once again thanks,


Julian (Norick) Abe 12 Dec 10

Hi Loz here's something for your website.

First of all a big thankyou to you and all your team for helping me through both MOD 1 & 2, you truely have a fantastic team of instructors. Id been on a bike once since doing my CBT on a 125cc and felt pretty scared about the 500cc conversion. However the training giving was spot on, and after a morning id rather forget, by the afternoon i was riding with 10 times more confidence and control. These guys really teach you how ride above and beyond the practical test, which has proved lifesaving already to me (its a unforgiving world out there without one of your instructors behind you covering your ass!).

Special thanks to martin (troggy) for all the coaching i will miss your voice in my ear. In fact, i can sometimes hear you telling me to say off that front brake! Can't knock your advice, its absolutly to the point and precise. Now the proud owner of kawasaki ZX6R, cant wait to get on it once all this snow buggers off!

Thanks again,

Darryll Thompson 15 Nov 10

Just wanted to put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking) to say a big thanks for getting me through my DAS from CBT to Module 2. There was always a lively banter whenever I arrived and some mickey taking thrown in for good measure but when the serious business of being on a bike started it was all professionally handled.

The guys aren't just interested in getting you through the test but making sure you are a good safe rider. Cost wise, well I don't think anyone is as reasonable and affordable but that does not mean to say that they are not thorough in what they do, 'cheap and cheerful' in this instance does not mean cutting corners in service.

I have already recommended Loz and the crew to two people at work who are thinking of learning to ride a bike, and I would not hesitate to put them forward to anyone else who is interested in getting back on a bike, or even never ridden one before.

Great team you have Loz. Keep up the good work! Thanks again.

Darryll Thompson

Les McLean 22 Oct 10

Hi Loz, Finally got round to jotting a few words to say thank you to you and your team for getting me through the CBT, Theory test and Mods 1 & 2.

After 40 years since riding a motorbike of any kind, to say I was nervous was some understatement, but these guys know what they are about, their no bullshit, firm but friendly approach works and weaves it’s magic, even for someone like me, who was never likely to be one of their star pupils.

They not only give you confidence, shape and guide you through the process, but ensure you ride safely, and with due care to other road users. So I very quickly went from WTF am I doing here, to passing my Mod 1 & 2 tests first time, and now happily tootling around Yorkshire on a 1964 Lambretta.

They even went the extra mile to ensure everything was in place to take my Mod 2 test (I have a hearing loss, therefore radio mikes were not possible during the test)If you are considering motorbike training, give these guys a go, you won’t regret it

Highly recommended. Cheers Les

Giuseppe Barbacane 21 Oct 10

Hi Loz

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to 2wheelskool for getting me passed my bike test. I had never ridden a motorbike before, so it was a steep learning curve; but your fantastic team of instructors got me through it, albeit to the amazement of Troggy!!! I can’t speak highly enough of 2wheelskool, I’m so glad I took the recommendation from my brother to learn how to ride a bike with such a professional school as 2wheelskool.

If you have never ridden a motorbike before, but considered getting your DAS, then get to 2wheelskool for expert and helpful advice. These guys will teach you how to ride a motorbike … Enjoy!!!

I would especially like to say a massive thank you to PJ, she was really patient and guided me in the right direction, your advice and one to one training, got me through the MOD2 test; thank you so much. Also, to Steve, he cleared my head of doubt prior to the MOD2 test. Thanks again guys, it was well worth the 100 mile round journey, each time I had a lesson or test to 2wheelskool.

Steve Jackson 12 Oct 10

First class training from a great bunch of tutors. I cannot recommend 2WheelSkool highly enough. Thanks to you I completed my DAS Mods 1 & 2 and I'm now happily riding around on my Suzuki Bandit GSF650! Just like it says in the blurb - ride as you are taught and you WILL pass.

Many thanks to you all - particularly Troggy (yes, I've still got that silly "swoop" on my lifesaver Troggy)!

Steve Jackson,

Keith Hardington 07 Oct 2010

Hi Loz,
Thanks to all of you! Something for your website testimonials?

Thanks to Loz, Steve, PJ and Troggy for training me. Trust them and do as they say and you will pass. I had a bad day the day before my MOD2 test. My confidence was on the floor and my head was in the wrong place but next day and a bit more training and hey presto, passed test. They are very good at what they do!

I will be back for post test training in the spring. Watch out for squirrels on the MOD1. Ask Steve. He believes me(?).

Keith H

Lee Alder 16 Sep 2010

Hi Loz... Just a quick message to say a huge thanks to everyone at 2wheelskool for getting me through all parts of my bike test first time!!
Having NEVER ridden a motorbike before until I met these guys (and gal) I really didn't know what to expect.. and was naturally a bit worried, But there really was no need to be. Everyone there was amazingly patient.. especially when dealing with a novice like myself, and put my mind at ease straight away. I took the DAS course and really couldn't believe how fast it was to go from CBT on day one through to 500 training and then mod 1 & 2 and now I have a full licence! I seriously can't recommend these guys enough, especially if like me you have never ridden before. If you do everything they teach.. you WILL get your licence.. and have a good laugh along the way!

Special thanks to PJ on my CBT and Martin, Loz and Steve on the mod 1 & 2 training.. cheers guys! Saving up for a bike now, but I'll be sure to drop by when I get one and thank you all properly.

Dom Bradbury 22 July 2010

Hi loz, Something for your website.

First I want to say a big thanks to the team! All of you have been excellent with me. If you are wanting to get your bike licence look no further, these guys are the best! They teach you how to pass your test and if you do everything they say you will pass first time! If you’re worried about learning this lot will put you at ease due to the banter, they make you feel at home within the 10mins of turning up. Don’t look any further if you want the best price and unbeatable training 2wheelschool is the place to go. I will defiantly be contacting them to do my ERS. Now it’s time to jump on my CBR 600RR.

Cheers Dom

Douglas Murray 15 June 2010

Hi Loz Just dropping an e-mail to say a big thanks to you and all your instructors . From John and Dougie ( The grumpy Jock )Big thanks to Martin , Stevie , Pj , Troggy

Think you will have to go a long way to find a better bunch to se you passed your test .And a good bit of banter along the way . Thanks for making our Working/Biking holiday down here possible

All the best John and Dougie Douglas Murray

Peter Lewis 30 April 2010

Hi Loz ,thought I would send you an e-mail which could be used as testimonial on your website.

What can I say about these guys (and gal) that has not already been said in the testimonials before . Nothing really , but I am really happy to confirm everything written on here & add my thanks to all the team . Excellent training , excellent banter & have to say enjoyed the whole bit (except the day of the test obviously). I would have no worries about recommending these guys to anyone wanting to learn to ride a bike . They WILL train you to pass your test , but of even greater importance they will train you to ride the bike safely.

Big thanks to Troggy for the road training & Steve for the calming influence & setting my head right the morning of the test .
Anyway , don't think about going anywhere else , book with these guys , get your licence & have a few laughs along the way . Thanks again to everyone - off to buy a bigger bike !!

James Steele 16 April 10

Hi Loz, I would like to say a huge thank you to you and your brilliant team of instructors at 2wheelskool, for getting me through my DAS Course and passing all tests first time (I was on cloud nine because I never achieve anything on my first attempt).

If anyone reading this is looking to gain their licence but not sure which riding school to go to then look no further, you have found it!
I’d like to say a big thank you to Martin (Troggy) for the great laughs and banter, helping me to relax and chill out more, getting me up to speed with a big bike and making me change my attitude to how I read road systems, I found his tips invaluable throughout the rest of my training and it’s even improved my car driving, Bonus!!
Also I’d like to say thank you to Steve “What a legend this guy is, and bloody hell does he know his stuff”……Some say that beneath his riding gear he is more machine than man…and when his Diversion 900 was new it was he who delivered the commandments to Moses, all I know is he got me my licence. So seriously give these guys a call, they will soon have you on your way, with skills to set you up for life.
Oh and another thing, before I started my training I went to a bike store local to me called Jordan’s Bikes. I soon ended up spending a small fortune on new gear, I happened to mention that I was learning to ride with 2wheelskool and I got a 10% discount off the lot, how good is that?!

Thanks again guys and all the best,
James Steele

Robert carter 16 April 10

Hi Loz, Please find below the testamonial as promised...........Just a quick note to say thanks for getting me through the bike test!
After a two-year lay-off from riding a 125cc, I foolishly thought that I could jump back on a bike and be away! After being brought back down to earth with a well earnt Module 1 fail from nervously stamping on the back brake), I was encouraged to jump straight back on and do the test again, and a week later I was successful!
Troggy and Steve then took on the task of trying to bring me (and my mate) up to standard for the Module 2 road-riding, and after a hairy start and a fair amount of bollockings, it started to come together, so much so that I passed first time :)
It's amazing how much you learn from these Likely Lads (!), I never realised that there was this much involved in riding a bike properly, or how much fun it was going to be along the way. If you want to learn to ride, and want to have a laugh too, look no further....I'll not forget the North / South pronunciation debates...Troggy says ''Bath'', Southern Steve says ''Barv'' !!! Had a great time guys, keep up the good ''work''!!

Aurangzeb Afzal 21 Mar 10

Hi Loz and the crew,
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for getting me through all parts of my training. They are a great bunch of guys, who adapt to each student they have, which meant slow ones like myself weren’t left behind. After lot of encouragement and downright bollockings, including one from Steve on the day of my Mod 2 test after going through a give way at 40mph, i was able to go on and pass my module 2 first time. A special thank you to Mark, who provided me with the bulk of my module 2 training, thanks for being so patient with me. Thanks to Martin for the module 1 training, and the constant banter throughout. Thanks to Steve for the pre-test ride out and calming my nerves on the test day and for his unforgettable reaction to when I told him that I had passed!

If you are looking for expert tuition and a good laugh at the same time then 2 wheelskool is the place to be! I will be back to see you guys soon and thanks again!


Raymond Marquardt (Juergen) 09 Mar 10

Hi Loz and Team
Thank you very much for helping me learn how to ride a "propper" Bike and pass my Bike Test Module 1 and 2. I had a great Time at yours. Special Thanks to Steve, I think I stretched his patience a bit now and again. lol I can just say, if anybody want to learn how to ride, choose 2WEELSKOOL !!! It is a big diffrence between this and other skools as I found out myself !!!

All the Best to you all

John Noble 05 Oct 09

Hi to the crew at 2 wheelskool!
Just a few words to say thanks for getting me through my test. The guys (and gal!) were bloody great! If anybody is considering taking their test i would recommend them to try you out anytime! Top Skool
John Noble

P.S Here's a pic of me with my Bandit and Homer simpson slippers!

Nigel Mcdonald 04 Oct 09

Hi Loz .. and the rest of the instructor group.
Thanks for getting me safely through my training and up to speed to pass my Direct Access bike licence on first attempt. Thoroughly enjoyed the course. For those reading this and thinking about picking a training school... I can't recommend these guys highly enough. They are very professional, meticulous in their approach and totally honest; and of course a great source of humour on the sometimes scathing debriefs after sorties!!! I have no problem recomending 2wheelskool to anyone who is interested in obtaining their bike licence.
Ps.Martin... my wings are getting shorter...

Nigel McDonald

Rocco Barbacane 20 Sep 09

Hi Loz
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for helping me though all my bike training and tests. I am so pleased i have now got my bike licese and it's all thanks to you guys. The training i recieved was second to none and would like to mention Mark, Martin and PJ who helped me achieve this. The trainers make you feel at ease which is what you need, there is good banter between the guys and everyone is really friendly and more than happy to offer you advice.
Would I recommend 2wheelskool to anyone else.........without a doubt!!!!

Cheers guys. Thanks for setting me free!!
P.S. I would like to say a big thanks to Martin for calming me down on the day of my test

Danny Mills 19 Sep 09

After recently retiring from professional football, I decided that I wanted to ride a bike, had always wanted to but was never allowed under my contract. I did my CBT in Harrogate, but then decided to look elsewhere for training and to do my full test. I came across 2 Wheel Skool on the internet and gave them a call, I spoke to a few others but by far ‘Loz’ was the most helpful. I started almost immediately as they always have tests available. I turned up, 1st day and met all the instructors. Think rough diamonds is the best way to describe them. Great set of lads, put you under no pressure at all, let you take things at your own speed which makes you feel at ease. You can tell they are passionate about what they do and it rubs off. Even when I had to ask some really basic questions that they must have heard a million times, they never made me feel completely stupid, well not for too long.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training, they didn’t ram stuff down your throat, just let you ride and kept tweaking the mistakes and errors until you got it. They allow your confidence to grow making you a much better rider.I passed both test with ease as the guys had predicted, they had more confidence in me than I did. I’ve worked with plenty of people that talk, lets be polite and call it rubbish, over the years, but all the guys are spot on.
If you want to learn to ride, quickly, safely and pass your test then don’t go anywhere else. These days I like to think of myself as part Yorkshireman, well I like the bit about not spending money, but I would happily, and will go back to do some advance training to become a proper rider, passed my test but, I’m still a beginner, but these guys are experts.
Stop thinking about it, give them a call and learn to ride, even if your rubbish you’ll still have a great time.

Danny Mills, Ex - Leeds, Man City & England

Andy Brunt 06 Sep 09

Hi Loz & crew...
A big thank you for the last weeks training from PJ and especially Martin. Turning 40 earlier this year I decided it was now or never to do something I have been going to do for the last 10 years. I must admit it has been a hard week, maybe my age! but Friday morning before my Part 2 test Martin kept beating it into my thick head and all of a sudden it happened as he said it would, I rode the bike and it all clicked into place. Well 2 days later I'm out on my 1977 Z650, 100 miles under my belt with a big grin on my face wondering why I did not do this years ago. I can not recommend 2wheelskool enough.
Thank you to you all and I'll be back in a few months for my ERS.
Andy Brunt

David Brooke 13 Aug 09

Just wanted to pass on my massive thanks for the first-class training i received with 2wheelskool, you really were the best choice.
Firstly, sorry it's took so long, i've been a little busy lately. But right from the first call i made to 2wheelskool i couldn't believe how quick and flexible the service was. It seemed that i was able to do the training whenever i wanted within reason and i went from zero to two wheels in just over three weeks!! Everything first time, everything made easy for me. Big thanks to the southern fairy and the northern monkey (martin) for their help and training - I was struggling to grasp the technique on my part 1 training and without steve i probably wouldn't have grasped it so easily. He just dived on the bike and showed me how its done and made it look so easy! Then martin took over for the final stint and got me upto test standard (i just can't believe he forgot to bring my documents to the test centre!).

Martin was very good at instilling confidence without you actually realising and this worked a treat and i saw everything just click into place the morning of the test. These guys were full of banter but also brutally honest which is something i like as it helps me learn quicker! Thanks a lot and probably see you for some ERS somtime in the future!
Dave Brooke

Andy Bunting 05 Aug 09

Hi Loz,
Its been almost a year from when I passed my test so first off all I'm sorry this has taken so long but I have been out on my bike most of the time,its only an old diversion 600 but it does the job till I get my bandit, I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting me thru the test,I could not fault 2wheelskool at all,from day one my cbt(not been on a bike for at least 18years)I had Mark for the morning then out with loz in the afternoon I felt like I mucked up everything on the cbt but so how passed, so to get my confidence back Loz said I should hire a bike for a day to get back into things, it worked then when I did my dass conversion I felt so much better on a bigger bike a lot easier to ride.

Well a long story short went out with Loz for my 3 days,I think it was the 2nd day when the penny dropped and all the things Loz was saying to us seemed to sink in,then the day of the test Steve took me out for an hour before and he really helped with the nerves,then got the magic bit of paper,so a big thank you to all at 2wheelskool for the help advice and a hell of a lot of friendly banter, it really is something I will never forget, and Loz I still in debt to the amount of a bacon sandwich (you got me one when I had no cash on me), and just to add things you said must have sunk in as to date not come off and I have been on the bike all winter as well, so a very big thanks to all and keep up the good work and I will be back for advanced training when I get some cash,
good luck with whatever the future holds. Andy

Paul Whitfield 05 Aug 09

Hi Loz , Steve , Mark , PJ , and Martin ,
just wanted to drop you a line to say a massive thank you for getting me my full bike licence. Way back in 1987 , when i bought my first ever bike, (well,roadworthy bike!) a CB125T, I had every intention of passing my test. But after a few misshaps (failed twice then banned for 18 months lost job etc etc) decided after 22 years it was about time I got myarse into gear and went for the test... again.

After browsing the t'internet I found a couple of rider schools which were local. After a quick e-mail to 2wheelskool I was pleasently surprised to get a reply the very next day explaining what, where, why, and how much. This was great, I could feel a twitch of exitement, the bug had gotten a hold big time! So, a phone call was made and I was booked in for my CBT.( Thanks Mark "see if you can get it in 4th"!!)

Next was the theory test and hazard test, which I had a week to prepare for. Thankfully Mark lent me a CDrom explaining when to click so after a few heated competition sessions with the wife I was ready. (By the way Sharon is booking her CBT soon). If I'm honest I wouldnt have passed either the theory, or the hazard perception without the CDrom, having passed my car test in 1992 I was as rusty as a sump nut. Then it was the 'dreaded' practical-module 1! But at least I was on the big bikes now, which was nice.

Bring on Steve, an absolute star of a bloke who, as soon as i met him, knew this guy was going to show me how it's done. After half the day practicing the manouvers he told me I was booked in for 2:15 at the test centre, and to ride there, with him following. At the test centre I waited(nervously, it must be said) and watched my buddy pass... no pressure then! My turn came and all the things I'd been taught were still clear thanks to the precise and informative way given by all the instructors at 2wheelskool, so needless to say....I passed! (Only 4 clutch plates left in the candy, Mark!) Next step, the final road test. A Quick hour lesson passed by, with Steve in me lug 'ole..(watch ya left tarns ya cant!), before the test, and before I knew it I heard those words.. "Im pleased to ...." and thats all I can remember! I've been wearing this smile ever since and want to give a big 'up' to all at 2wheelskool for an excellent job. Anyway Im off to buy a battery for my 1982 GS650GL see you guys(and gal) soon Yes Paul,

Graeme Glass 06 Jul 09

Hi Loz, Steve, Martin & Mark,
Huge thanks to you all for making the effort in getting my riding up to speed for my module 2 test, such an enjoyable experience - had a fantastic time (even the weather didn't dent the event!!!). Must admit, still haven't stop grinning since passing the test!!! Smiles per miles!!!

Your enthusiasm, passion & dedication to all things 2 wheel is exemplary - real biking enthusiasts, credit to you all!! Your relaxed, warm & friendly approach is welcoming for anyone to participate in and your focus/attention to detail when needed is spot on, a superb balance of fun & concentration all down to your experience/knowledge, coupled to your passion for bikes - can't rate you all highly enough - brilliant!!! Thanks again, hope the business continues to be successful - I will be recommending you to anyone who asks for the BEST bike training outfit in W Yorks - definitely 2Wheelskool!!!

Once I work out how to get a slab of beer on the back of the bike, I will pop round & drop it off for you all!!! Was out all day yesterday on the GIXSER - gave a right good thrapping - yahoo!! Top stuff - keep the wheels rolling - look, lean & roll..............................
Many, many thanks

Russ Lamb 30 Jun 09

Hi Loz,
Just wanted to forward my thanks for what can only be called a fantastic service. I asked if it would be possible to be on the road ASAP but I did not expect only 2 weeks from CBT to Part 2!!!!! The training was exactly how any motorcyclist would want, full of banter yet direct and informative. A special thanks to;
PJ: For the cig breaks and for the CBT!
The Silver Fox (Loz): for my DAS conversion,and building the confidence on the 500cc and pushing things through as quickly as you did.
The Bald Southerner (Steve): Once he had got his helmet on over his ears the training was impecable! This guy can bring you from a beginner to test standard in no time. Massive thanks to Steve.
The Northern Tart (Martin): After he has done his hair, well receeding hair, this guy can ride!!! I was riduclously nervous for the part 2 test but the trainingin the morning with Martin made the confidence grew. Thanks again,
Russ Lamb (the southern legend!)

Paul Coops 23 Jun 09

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to Troggy and PJ today who both helped me pass my CBT both were really nice and friendly I had never rode a geared bike before just my twist n go so was like a fish out of water at first. They had loads of patience with me and were both great at self motivation with a plenty of laughs along the way ....i,ll deff be back soon for some more lessons as really want to pass my bike test ..see you soon and thanks again.
Paul (Coops)

Matthew Pilcher 19 jun 09

Hi Loz,
Just a quick message to say thank you to yourself and everyone at 2wheelskool especially to Steve and Troggy for getting me through part 1 and 2 tests respectively. The training is of the highest standard and even the bollockings aren't that bad. It's true that something does just click and it goes smoothly from there - I think mine clicked as I pulled out of the test centre, as I had done something to fail on every ride previous. Decided to get rid of the cruiser bike (which I'm sure you'll be delighted with) once i can remove the remnants of my pants from the exhaust Thanks guys for everything.

Scott Northey 18 Jun 09

Hi Loz sorry for the lateness in posting this comment, just been having too much fun on my bike

First day at the 2 wheel school I turned up for my CBT (late i might add) all the guys were there waiting for us poor time keepers to turn up. I could tell immediately that this was a great place to do my DAS, all the guys were really friendly and welcoming, one of the main things about this training school is the banter you can have with the instructors, they will take the mick but in a really great way and expect it back of you as well. Anyway did the CBT, anyone booked in for or thinking of booking on a CBT, dont panick at all its a doddle. After that was done, Loz gave me a date for my theory test and a cd to practice which my wife threw in the bin after I passed, sorry Loz think I still owe you a tenner for that.
One of the really relaxing things with the 2wheelschool is that everything is sorted out for you, your only concern is to turn up on the days you are supposed to and have a really great day with a great bunch of lads. So after the theory test was done and dusted it was out for training for the dreaded part 1, Martin and Steve really made sure I was ready for the test by going through everything in detail I really felt confident after the training. Steve split his head open by banging his head that day on a goal post but it didnt stop his dedication to getting us ready for the test (bit of a hard nut I think) After part 1 it was simply training for the big test, the part 2 on the road. I went out with Martin, what a top guy (yawns a lot though lol) couldnt have wished for a better instructor he picked up on every little mistake i made even the ones I didnt pick up on myself and corrected them straight away. Martin showed just what a good instructor he is as when I passed my part 2, he knew how many minors I got and what they were for by simply observing me riding in the lessons, that is impressive in my eyes.
Anyway I am now 2 weeks after my test riding a cbr 600rr and loving every minute of it, feel so at home on the bike cos of the expert training I got from the lads at 2 wheel school. Thanks so much you have no idea how much i appreciate it. I'll pop in and drop that tenner off for the cd Loz, taking it out of the wifes spending money lol.

David cook 20 May 09

HI Loz Just a quick note to say thank you to 2wheelskool for helping me through my CBT today. It was great and my instructor (PJ - I think) was very helpful and an excellent tutor with the patience of a saint! I do intend to complete a full license so I will be back. I have no hesitation in recommending you to any one wanting motor cycle training.
With kind regards David Cook

Jenny Tattersall 16 Apr 09

Hey guys just wanted to say another huge thanks to all of you, especially Martin and Mark for getting me on the road and (kinda) safe! you're all sorted people and great fun to work with so thank you and hope to see you around,

Jenni (Tattersall) x

Kevin Allack 13 Mar 09

Hi Loz I hope this is of some use
Kevin Allack
It started off innocently enough, 26 years ago, my Yamaha RD125LC got nicked before I could take my test. I was just about to start a proper job, so I spent the insurance on other stuff and 26 years later, there I was wishing I had been able to take the test all those years ago. So how do I go about it? This was a shock CBT, theory test, hazard test, DAS course and finally the practical exam and if I left it much longer it would get even more complicated as the practical test gets split in two each to be done at different centres. Time to get started then. Who could steer me through this maze? a quick look on the interweb and the testimonials did it for me -2 wheelskool. In spite of freezing weather and me wearing half the clothes I should have done, the end of January saw me with the first bit of paper.

Loz arranged the theory stuff, lent me a computer disk and booked me on a 3 day DAS course for 3 weeks time. I put in the time with the disk and turned up in Leeds city centre at some ungodly hour in the morning. Piece of paper two. I feel I'm on a roll now.

At last the DAS course starts. I'm a good driver, I've driven a car for 32 years I know I've got things to learn but how hard can it be? The morning of day 1 sees me driving about on a 500cc bike showing the lads how great I am. Afternoon sees every driving skill I thought I had, systematically taken apart, actually I'm rubbish I haven't a clue I'm a menace to myself and every other driver on the road my head has been seriously messed with. Day 2 and my ego now a shadow of its former state, shrinks even more so many things to learn, so many skills to master, so many ways to fail. The only thing that keeps me the slightest bit positive is the attitude of the instructors - they have a wicked sense of humour, they are not in the slightest PC, they like you to give as good as you get and they are very very professional. Day 3 and the pieces slowly get put back together I'm not totally useless after all the instructors occaisionally say something nice. I start to think I might actually succeed. I could actually stay alive.

The day of the test comes and I fail because I didn't listen, I made a mistake, it was no ones's fault but mine and I feel so guilty at letting the guys down but I stump up for another test because they say I can pass. A day and a half more and I do pass with only 5 minors. Good job I'd already bought the bike and I would feel a right plonker with 10000 worth of Triumph tiger sitting in the back garden and me unable to ride it. That last day at last saw me able to ride the bike without too much thought so leaving time to think about where I was, where everyone else was and where I was going Martin had correctly diagnosed the problem and between us we had sorted it. Thanks a lot Martin. So a special thanks to Martin and Steve who spent the time with me and who believed in me and thanks to 2wheelskool for the crack, the jokes, the fun, the stress and the piece of paper that finally gets me to where I should have been 26 years ago.

PS I'm back in three months for my ERS if ever I need bringing down to Earth, Martin and Steve will do the necessary.

Thanks again, Kevin

Keith Thompson 12 Mar 09

A great bunch of lads. The instruction I received from Steve and especially Martin was second to none and enabled me to pass my DAS first time last week. I will recommend 2Wheelschool to anyone I know that is looking to pass a motorcycle test. When I get a bike and on the road I will be back for some advanced rider tips!! All the best for now guys and keep up the good work. Top of the world to ya!! Keith Thompson

Nic Tortice 07 Mar 09

Hello Loz,
just thought I'd drop you a few lines to say thanks to yourself, Steve, and Mark for getting me through my Direct Access first time. I stupidly did my CBT elsewhere (!), realised my mistake, and rang you guys to do my Direct Access. Had a day to get back into the swing of things, then had three days plus a couple of hours before my test. The day before my test, everything seemed to be going wrong and I thought it was all going to pot. Never the less, I kept focussed and came back the next day for a couple of hours lesson before my test on 26 Feb. I screwed up about 5 out of 7 U turns and thought that I would probably mess it up on the test. However, the time came, did the test, and passed. The last thing you said to me was "remember where you go so you can tell me after the test". Famous last words, as I don't know the area very well, so sorry about that. If it ever comes back to me I'll let you know!!! I had a great time learning to ride with you all. It was good fun, but most importantly you all know how to get the message across about riding safely. My licence dropped throught the letterbox this morning with the all important Category A on it, so thanks once again, and if I come across anyone wanting to learn to ride, I will definitely recommend you.
Regards Nic Tortice

Sean Morrow 13 feb 09

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the help and guidance I received from Steve and Martin over the three days I have had with you that has resulted in me passing my big bike test today. Having tried with another school before Christmas and failing my first test (which is not difficult to see why when you compare the two ways in which I was taught) I was really disheartened and, like a lot of students, of the opinion that you had to sell your soul to the devil in order to do a decent U-turn. All that was needed, as it turned out, was the patience and guidance of , first Steve, and then Martin. Oh and a little story about a large pink "thing" - anybody struggling with the U-turn will find it much easier having heard this little story. I couldn't be happier and will certainly be coming back frequently to improve my riding. And will recommend your school to anybody interested in learning how to ride.
Many thanks
Sean Morrow

Simon Grattan 10 Jan 09

Hi Steve, Martin and Loz,
Picked my Z750 up today, and could hear the words Lifesaver in my ears! Reminded me that I never got to say thanks to you all for the excellent training, tea and banter. The way training is run is spot on, and after a day CBT training on a 125 (good fun after a 25 year layoff where has the kickstart gone?) I did two days DAS training and did my test on the third day. I learnt so much in those two days (head spinning after day 1!!) thanks to your excellent teaching skills and the way everything is explained, along with the honest (brutal truth) post ride assessments. Thanks Steve for the where is the fire and you ride like you're on acid comments. Luckily everything managed to sink in and I passed my test on the third day. Hope to see you all again within the next few months to do some advanced training, so you can show me how to ride my Z properly!
Cheers Simon Grattan

James Geldart 05 Jan 09

Hi Loz, Most importantly I wanted to send you a big thank you for getting me through my direct access first time, and write some kind of recommendation for your website if you wish to put it there, orat least to show the other instructors. I could not have done my training with a better bunch of instructors, and at a school with a more professional setup. You all have just the right balance of patience and getting the job done without too much messing around.
I was able to get booked in quickly, and Loz was great at re arranging things when everything was cancelled due to some unexpected snow and ice loosing everyone a week. Loz and Mark, thanks for getting me through my CBT. I expected just to be able to turn up and ride, I thought being a car driver and a mountain biker would help somewhat, but soon realised following mistaking the clutch for the rear brake, that it was going to require some serious concentration. I was impressed at how Loz used examples from mountain bikes to help me understand what I needed to do with a motorbike, how it differed and how some of the same principles applied using different controls.

Biggest thanks to Martin, who took me out for my 4 days of DAS training, of which the first two I was utter crap, and I'll even admit probably the most miserable person there, and couldn't help but get frustrated at myself, it just wasn't happening for me, but Martin persisted, some how managing keep on drilling the basics into me. After a 2 hour ride in the snow, it suddenly started to come together. Martin waited around with me all day until enough ice had melted to go out, and even put up with my endless questions about track days and the mechanical side of bikes and it's that kind of instructor attitude that makes the difference. The next two days were good, I was making less mistakes, I was more relaxed (possibly due to Andy binning it on a couple of occasions!) Martin decided he didnt dislike me quite as much anymore, even though I had issues with his fondness of lycra, large chainrings and skinny tyres…. things were looking good. It seemed the click Martin kept telling me about (and probably at the same time wondering why it was taking so long) had finally taken place, I had more time, things made more sense, everything I struggled to take in on the first two days, I had time to do, I even started to see road signs. Thanks Martin, I really appreciate you keeping on at me.

That was until the afternoon before test day. Mock tests with Steve. The word Test, I suddenly forgot how to ride…. Failing my first mock test on about ten points. I am surprised Steve didn't send me home. Steves reassurance and ability to laugh about pretty much everything that was going wrong certainly relaxed me for the second mock test, this time failing on only one point. Test day. I had an hour out with Steve in the morning, and it was probably my worst hour of riding ever. Over shooting every junction, cutting corners, no ability to U turn, missing basic observations. It was like I was back at square one and I was pretty sure at that point there was no way I was going to pass my test. Test centre – Steve gave me a great pep talk just before the examiner came out, he knew what to say, how to say it, and it levelled my head for the main event. Cheers Steve, if you had sent me up there on my own, the outcome wouldn’t have been the same.

After an iffy first junction, it all came together on the test. Somehow. In the last few weeks I have learnt a lot, and I wouldn't have gone anywhere else for my training. All the instructors seem to be able to assess a student, and know just what they need, and the training and attitude that they'll respond to best. Maybe it's experience, maybe just great personal skills. It started off being an extremely frustrating experience, but turned into a great one, and I even ended up having a good laugh. I felt all the instructors gave more than most people in the same position would, and really did everything they could to help not only on the technical side, but also confidence. I'll be coming back for some advanced training (when it gets a bit warmer!), and I can't wait to learn more from some truly great riders. You can tell it isn't just a job to any of you, but you are all doing what you are passionate about, and it's the best learning environment, and it makes it something I want to be a part of.

I know people who have been to other riding schools, and they certainly didn't have either the quality of training and preparation I did, or the high recommendations that I have about the instructors and setup at 2wheelskool. As you've all said, passing your test is just the very beginning, and I know coming back will make me a safer rider, and enable me to take things that step further when it is safe to have a bit of fun and learn more about riding and my bike on the track.

Cheers all, and I'll see you all soon. Theres no doubt I'll be recommending this training school to anyone even remotely interested in getting a bike. James Geldart

Helena Holloway 31 Oct 08

Hi Loz, what can I say but a really big thank you to all of you [yet again] for turning this road shy tarmac turtle into a rider. You did it in, what, nine hours?! You made me a third time lucky, test passer. Amazing...
However, to anyone reading this with the intention of getting some lessons, I definitely urge you to try these guys out. They are serious about this riding business but a good laugh too.
How did they work their miracle with me? Well, Loz, Steve and Mark [haven't met Martin] have a particular style. They are all full of expertise eagerly passed on but they do it differently.
Steve is a motivator. I reckon if he told me I could belly dance on a trifle without falling over, I'd believe him, give it a go and actually do it with class.
Loz takes the analytical approach, always pushing your questions back at you, making you search out your failings and then turning them into skills, whether or not you think you have them.
Mark, well, I don't mind admitting I thought at 45 I was too old for these new tricks and I definitely lacked confidence but Mark saw straight through that. He's a very gentlemanly guy with a quiet manner but a big heart who used his own particular magic to reach into me and pull the rider out. If you want to know what his secret is, pay for his time! He, like the others, is worth every penny. Having said that, I must say I did have to put the work in but it was well worth a few hours of anxiety, freezing myself blue on the back of my old van van and putting up with a bit of good natured sarcasm when I felt like snivelling 'I can't do it' and going home. Anyway, sign up for lessons, you can't pass without them-I should know.

Thanks guys, you have changed my life and how I see myself. Next time you see me I'll be on my sv 650. Yeehaaaaaaaaaaaa............

Andy Jowett 31 Oct 08

Hi Loz, well eventually after several attempts, I did it and got through the bike test. What is it they say about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks? You training goes to prove that this is clearly not true! Thanks to all of you for hammering home the stuff you need to know to get through that test. I will not forget it for a long time.... Especially "Newton's law of apples", I never paid much attention to physics at school but this all made a strange way....ha...ha. I wish you continued success and I will recommend anyone to use you guys for bike training.
All the very best, thanks again. Andy Jowett.
PS hope that hand is getting back to normal and you are back training with your wise words of wisdom!

Jaz Long 17 Oct 08

Hi Mark, Loz and Steve Well, my new licence dropped through the door the other day which reminded me I was going to do this. After all it was the selection of glowing testimonials on the website that made me come to do my CBT and then the A2 test with you chaps in the first place. Just to say thanks again for all your good advice and patience in the days I spent there, and especially Mark for putting up with me on the Big Day Out in Halifax :) And it was a long day but I really didn't care once I was on my way home with that pass certificate shoved safely inside my jacket! Oh, and I'm no longer riding "that pile of s***e" (to quote Loz). I've now got a 400 Burgman, which I just know you'll all thoroughly approve of :D
Cheers, Richard

Rob Davie 02 Oct 08

Hi Loz, I recently passed my test with a lot of help from all at 2 wheel skool. I just wanted to say thanks for squeezing me in before the test changed. I know it got postponed but at the time of booking you didn't know that and you gave me one of the last tests you had. I appreciated that a lot. I also wanted to say that I was very impressed by the tuition that I received. I am more than happy to recommend 2 wheel skool to others in the future.
Cheers, Rob Davie

Andrew Swires 24 sep 08

Hi to you all,it's been about a month since i passed my test and wanted to drop you a line to say thanks.To steve all i can say is you are the man you made it so much fun even though when i got home i was exhausted and my head was on fire with all the info you crammed in.
So thanks again and i will be telling everyone about 2wheelskool,i will be down to see you all soon .Andy.

Michael Allen 13 Sep 08

Hi Loz, Steve, Martin, Just a short note of thanks for all the help this week in getting me through the test. You guys really go the extra mile to make sure we all passed first time. I would not hesitate in recommending 2wheelskool to anybody. Great to meet you all, apart from the serious nature of learning to ride, I really enjoyed the banter and the humour. I wish you all the best in the future.
Best Regards Michael Allen

Keith Encell 09 Sep 08

Guys Passed my test today at Horsforth only two minors, well chuffed, many thanks for the training particularly Mark next stop bigger Bike. Cheers Keith Encell (van van man)

Gavin Wright 14 Aug 08

Hi Steve, Martin, Mark and Loz. Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help in getting me through my DAS course (and CBT). Thanks to Martin / Steve the course was both serious and fun from start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed it and had a good crack all the way through. Of course I will be recommending you to everyone I know. Best Regards Gavin Wright

Paul Nolan 30 Jul 08

Hey, just wanted to say THANKS!! for getting me through my DAS course and motorbike test first time!!
Thanks to Loz and Troggy (Martin) for your patience.. It took a while but your teaching really started to sink in the day before my test when it all started to come together. Loz, thanks for the time spent on the technical exercises on the morning of my test. I think that final bollocking really made a difference! I really benefited from riding with different instructors and learnt so much in such a short space of time. Although I did not do any training with Steve, I learnt a lot from him during breaks where he is more than happy to share his knowledge.
Many thanks guys Paul

Shaun Fisher 29 Jul 08

Hi all,
I would just like to thank you all for getting me through my test, you made it fun but was serious when you had to. Will be recommending you to anyone who wants to know where to go.I will be back at some point in the future to do some advance training.

Duncan Sharp 24 Jul 08

hello to all at 2wheel school
firstly i would like to thank you all for getting me through my das bike test today you are all a grate laugh but serious when its needed i found the training very easy with instructor (steve) and martin so a big thank you to them he is still a cockney though well hopefully i will be getting a bike soon and will be popping down to see you all with the white boots on but no white body armour (loz) good luck with future work and thanks again i will be recommending you to everybody i know
duncan sharp (casy stoner)

Chris Bamber 03 Jul 08

Hi there
couldn't find a link on the testimonials page but just wanted to send a big thanks to 2wheelskool for all your help, in-particular Loz,Steve and Martin. I couldn't have chosen a better place to do my training. Just passed my test this afternoon and couldn't have done it without all your help. Dead chuffed!!
Thanks again, Chris

Karl Armitage 27 May 08

Hi guys,
I just wanted to say a massive thankyou for all your help with my DAS. Its hard to believe that after just two full days training I have my licence butI do! I was instructed by Steve on my first day and Martin on my second and no matter how many times I missed my lifesaver, they never got annoyed!! The weather hasn't exactly been great since I passed on the 23rd but ive managed to get out on my ZZR and ive been loving every second. If anyone is considering going for their DAS, they should stop thinking about it and get it done. Coming to 2wheelskool was the best decision I made. Once again, thank you.
Karl Armitage.

Stephanie Taylor 21 Apr 08

Hi fellas,
Just thought i would drop you a line to let you know how i was doing. After doing my DAS, i didnt get out much as the weather was so crap! Yes Steve, I am a fair weather rider, and proud of it hee hee. I also appear to have developed Martins affliction for messing with my bike(CBR6), its now 2ins lower and got a new Scorpion Titanium oval can w   
In the last few weeks, have been getting back into the swing of things, pottering about on it, but yesterday i went on my first proper rideout with 'the boys'. 180 miles of trouser filling speed and experiences, but what a day! I could hear Steve in my head on several occasions shouting 'get off that f***ing front brake!' and Martin calling me a 'dozy cow' but boys i thank you for it. Even when i got airborne w i didnt panic, although i had to stop and have a ciggy afterwards!
Am having a whale of a time, and its all thanks to you lot. If you hadnt pushed me, i dont think i would have ever had the guts to take my test. 
If i see any of you at Squires, the coffees are on me!
Steph xx

Helen Kendall 14 Apr 08

"2 wheel skool is one of those skools you wished you found from the start.  The skool is made up of some fine petrol head young(ish :-)) men who seem besotted on getting you to pass your test.  Even when you are battling with the mental state that if you don't get the damn u-turn sorted out then there is no point listening to all the other road stuff! 
Loz was true to his word in sorting out some bizarre paper work that I had with changing of names from theory to CBT!  A French marriage certificate certainly confused the examiner.  Chilled out Mark got me past the CBT and then Essex boy Steve was my instructor for the DAS.  I was completely at ease with both guys.  I felt safe at all times even when I dropped the bike on a failed attempt to do a u-turn and was shown how to safely pick my bike up again,  something I hope I never have to do on my own! 
I played the 'girly card' just the once when asked to reverse my bike up the small incline at the test centre.  I mean feminism just has to go out of the window!  A sense of humour is a must if you're to get the most out of your training with these guys.  You have to be prepared for some piss taking especially as I was going down the Harley rather than the sports bike route and I was only 32! 
You know it's a good skool when you pass your test but know that you will miss that Essex drone in your ear which barbles on about "life savers, don't use your front brake, look where you 're going and the f***in bike will go round! etc etc."  Thanks Steve for helping me realise my dream.
If you would like to talk to a biker 'chick' (who went from CBT to passing DAS first time in 5 days) about the benefits of going with 2 wheel skool then please e-mail me at
Helen xox"

Robert Norton 28 mar 08 Refresher/Advanced training

Hi Loz,  Just a quick mail to thank you for the lesson it helped me make my mind up to get another bike.

I’ve got my GS500f now and am on the road. I also see my mate dave had a lesson with you and he is on the road too. Thanks again.

Bob Norton

Barry Ward 25 Mar 08

Just to say thanks for getting me through my test.Have already recommended you to several people. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have been out on my old Sunbeam getting used to the gears and brake being on the other side again. If anybody else reads this and is thinking of learning, give these guys a call, you won't find a better school.


Barry (crasher) Ward.


Vickie Hawkins 20 Mar 08

Hi! Before I started I read the testimonials page so I thought I'd add one.  I wanted to say thanks to all you guys who got me through the CBT and test.  Got there in the end eh? I'll be back sometime in the future for some more training, but for now I'm happy with a restricted ZX-6R.  I would recommend you lot to anyone male or female, infact I already have done.  Feel free to use my email for future people. Thanks! :D Vickie

Marc Stevens 16 Mar 08

Hi to every one at 2wheelskool & thankyou for getting me through my test.
To anybody who's reading these testimonials...I've got to recommend you learn
with these guys. If they can train me & get me through my test they could train anyone.
Besides being a good crack & highly enjoyable, I really learned a lot & can truly say the training
gave me loads of confidence.
Thanks once again,see you around...Marc (Also from darn sarf.)


Sajid Hussain 15 Mar 08

Hi Loz mark steve martin

I just wanted to take the time out and say Thank You for helping me pass the CBT and DAS course and getting a full licence. This from a person who was too scared to even be near a bike let alone ride one. Im still cant believe ive passed. Ive been reading your testimonials page and all i can say is that whatever stephen corson said i will second as it just sums up my experience perfectly.

Martin Steve thanks to your understanding, patience and confidence in me that i could pass made me so at ease. If anyone is reading this and wondering if 2wheelskool is right for them STOP THE INTERNAL DEBATE AND GO FOR IT. I did and im so happy i've acquired a new skill.

Thanks again lads Saj


Andrew White 06 Mar 08

hi loz, steve, martin,and mark just want to say a big thank you to you all but especially martin for having faith in me all the way through my das what a brilliant time i had u lot are wicked and some great banter too many thanks and would reccomend these guys and the skool to every one once again thanks


Paul Krantz 22 Dec 07

Hi Loz,Steve,Martin and Mark,
Just wanted to say a huge THANKYOU for the training and the good laughs on my DAS course. I will gladly recommend 2wheelskool to all that are looking to get their bike licence. 
All the best for christmas lads!
Paul Krantz.


David Hall 21 Dec 07

To All of you at 2wheelskool,
it has been almost a year now since i did my training with you, im sure
you still remember the wake the dead style exhaust on my bike, but this
is just an email to follow up and thank you for all the brilliant
training Martin gave me over those few days, i can still remember all
the one footed u-turns,   and to also let Martin know that the S1 triple
i told him about is well on its way to being fully restored, I will have
to bring it down once its done.
and to anyone reading about this, i cant rate these guys enough, always
up for a laugh, and make light of any situation some the best bunch of
guys you could ever meet
Regards Dave


Richard Glover 17 Dec 07

I am happy to present my testimonial regarding my experience with 2wheelskool motorcycle training.

After passing my CBT and theory test, then one month practicing on my own, I attended a 4 day Direct Access course run by Lawrence Williams and his team.

 I learnt the difference between riding a motorcycle and riding one efficiently and safely. Additionally I was one of three students taking the Motorcycle Test at the end of the course and we all passed with flying colours.

 Even as a guy approaching 50, the team made me feel at home whilst also passing on the skills they possess in a simple and understandable fashion.

 I am happy to recommend the 2wheelkool to any learner or indeed advance motorcyclist.

 Richard Glover



Hi Loz, Steve, Martin, thank you for the excellent training and patience which led to me passing my 'A' licence test first time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending 2Wheelskool rider training for any one who is wanting to get out on two wheels. I was under the tuition of Steve and Martin and the understanding and patience they possess seems to be that of a saint. I took my test on a freezing cold day and had been spooked by the icy conditions earlier on in the day but Steve soon had me back up to speed. And as for my test, its done.  When I left the test centre to ride back to the DAS site it suddenly becomes apparent that now you as the newly qualified rider are now calling your own shots and there is no Steve or Martin in your ear.   The advice they gave above and beyond what is required for passing the test should serve me well.   Once again thanks, it was a great experience.  Take care and ride safe.  Best Regards Steve Brown. 


Stephen Corson  15 Dec 07

Hi Loz,   Just wanted to say thanks to all the guys for getting through my test first time. I chose 2wheelskool to do my DAS training because of the great testimonials on the website. The CBT course with Mark was actually a very enjoyable day, and the DAS Training with Martin and Steve was also very enjoyable (apart from the rain and sleet one morning). If anyone is reading this page trying to decide which training provider to choose, then choose this one! From the CBT to the theory test and then passing the riding test took only four days in total, over a period of four weeks. The training is first class, all the guys are dyed in the wool bikers, and are extremely patient, understanding and full of encouragement. The good humour and the banter is just what you need when U turns seem impossible. It was Steve's good humoured "Keep your ****ing head up and look right down the street you t**ser" that finally clicked with me, and from then on I couldn't understand what the problem had been. Martin's calm and unflappable 747 pilot style commentary in your ear gives you the support, guidance and confidence to pass.   I'll be back for some advanced training when I've got to grips with the R1100RT   Thanks again. Steve Corson


Chris Bennett 08 Nov 07

Hi Loz

Thanks for the text this morning – just a note to say thanks to Martin and Steve for helping me get through the DAS 1st time – top instructors and I’ll be back in the spring (on my new Kawasaki er6n) for some advanced training!

There’s a couple of lads I work with who are green with envy so have passed on your details for them to get their test passed before sep’08.

Cheers Chris


Alan Somerville 05 Oct 07

Dear Loz 

And there was you thinking you’d gotten rid of the mad vicar!

I just wanted to say thank you for getting me through my test. It was a real pleasure to come and do the training with you all, and the genuine encouragement I received (plus of course, the genuine bo****king I use to receive from Martin) put me on the right track to get through what seemed the shortest 30 odd minutes of my life. What with two abandoned tests behind me, I genuinely thought the man upstairs didn’t want me to sit on a bike. The instructions martin and Steve gave me so that I could approach the test correctly were spot on – everything my examiner asked me to do we had practiced about a hundred times – repetition and re-inforcement always work.So, on that basis, I wondered if you wanted a testimonial from me – I would be happy to do so. 

And my new mantra for life? “If you turn your bloody head, the Bike will turn”.

And common sense never prevails once you’ve passed – I’m off tonight to test ride a Triumph TT600…“Bless you my child”



Ian Fox 05 sep 07

Martin, Loz & Steve,

Just a quick thanks for the excellent training I received when I decided to take my DAS and booked it through 2wheelskool. It’s been 20 years since I owned and have ridden a bike (RD 125). I never got round to taking my test back then, but thought the time was now right to get back into biking and I can thoroughly recommend 2wheelskool to anyone who wants to do the same. I searched the internet for training schools and it was the testimonials page that swayed my decision to go with 2wheelskool. The comments already up there sum it up nicely (including the p*** taking) and they really do have a great balance between hands on riding, theory and fun.

After 20 years off, I was unsure how much training would be required but a fair assessment was made and after 1 day CBT, and 2 ½  days on the 500’s I now have that precious piece of paper in my possession.

By the way, do you do courses on how to pursued the wife to let me by an R6 J.

Once again many thanks, 

Ian Fox


Graham Eedle 17 Aug 07

I passed my test yesterday and just wanted to say a big thank you to all at
2 Wheel Skool. Loz, Martin and Steve you do a great job in teaching people
how to ride safely and confidently and I enjoyed all aspects of the
training from CBT right through the DAS course to passing my test. You guys
make the training fun but also serious when its required. All in all I had
1 day CBT, 2 1/2 days on the 500cc bikes then my test which I think is good
going since I hadn't been on a bike for at least 10yrs. I was also
impressed with how little time it actually took to get through the whole
DAS course. From CBT to passing my test took only 6wks so anyone thinking
of just doing their CBT should consider doing the DAS course as before you
know it you've passed your test and looking to buy your own bike.

Through the weeks ive also met some great people also learning to ride
which made the lessons more fun and enjoyable. Its a light hearted riding
school which I would recommend to anyone male or female but be prepared to
have the piss taken out of you especially if your from Liverpool or Wales,
just joking.

Thanks again to all at 2 Wheel Skool, I will come and see you when I get my
Graham Eedle


keith Sterling Advanced Riding 07 Aug 07

Hi Loz

Just to say a massive thanks for the Advanced course, I learnt so much and enjoyed it thoroughly. Don’t think I stopped grinning all the way home

 Many many thanks



Andy Thurling 01 Aug 07

Andy Thurling here, passed my 125 test this morning  and would just like to
thank you all for the assistance given on Friday and Saturday of last week. I am sure I wouldn't have passed without the good advice.
Saw Steve on my way back to Shipley gave him a thumbs up but not sure if he saw me or not, I was watching the road.
for information
tester was Jill Wassell U turn on - Ashbourn way ( wide ) E stop on - armidale way Pass my thanks on to all.Cheers.
Andy Thurling


Tariq Mehmood 27 Jul 07

Just like to say thanks very much,
You showed extreme patience & encouragement in helping me get through my CBT.
Hope to see you soon, to do my DAS

Dale Town 20 Jul 07

Hi Loz

Still getting over the shock of having passed my bike test at the first attempt and at the ripe old age of 48. The skill, patience, great sense of humour and constant encouragement from Steve definately spurred me on and got me through. Similarly Martin was great during my CBT stage. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the great crack between instructors and students alike. Once I have my 2 wheels I will be back for some advanced stuff.

Thanks mate



Sarah Wrigglesworth 26 Apr 07

was readin ur testimonials n noted their were only 2 girl ones. i just did my cbt 2 days ago n i'm chuffed 2 pieces! last time i tried 2 ride a bike was 16 year ago when i was 15. only tried on a 50cc n crashed all 5 of em. wanted 2 learn 2 ride a bike proper n decided 2 finally go 4 it! i'll b honest on the morning b4 setting of i threw up coz i was scared stiff. when i got there, i was instantly at ease coz the whole team just seem such a bunch of laughs n put u so much at ease. i thought i was just ridin round cones n then i realised i was goin out on the road n it was like, woah! but i enjoyed it so much n had such a fab time, i'm determined i'm gettin a bike very soon n am defo comin back 2 do more trainin! ps. that pic of martin don't do him any justice on here! lol. anyway cheers guys! i think u should post somethin of this n boost the confidence of girls. 
sarah wrigglesworth


Glynn Pearson 18 Apr 07

Hi Loz, Steve and Martin
 Just a quick message to say that the training i received from all 3 of you was excellent, you were all down to earth and made the whole learning experience enjoyable and fun. It was by far the best 3 and a half days training i have ever had and at a cost that didn't break the bank.I obviously did receive the training i needed to pass my test first time.
I would be glad for this message to appear on your testimonial page on the website, (thats where i looked before contacting you)  and if future students would like to contact me then i will have no doubts in my mind to recommend them to you, in fact i have already spread the word to some mates wanting to do their DAS course.
 All the best and enjoy the summer.
Glynn Pearson


Ben Milway 18 Apr 07  

Dear Loz, Martin and Steve,
Just wanted to say thanks again, had a great week, and wouldn't have made it without your perseverance patience and professionalism.




Chris stringer 12 Apr 07

Dear Loz, Steve & Martin,
Thank you very much for a enjoyable & fun training course and helping me through my test.
It was worth the money just for the days out we had and the good laugh!!
I will be putting the word around about 2wheelskool, expect my mate from Driffield!!!
All the best guys.............. Happy biking!!

Chris Stringer :)


David Clough  29 mar 07

Dear Loz and Steve

Many thanks for the way you both trained me to pass my CBT and then my DAS course.The way you teach makes it so easy to learn all i needed to know and then some.You both are a credit to your profession and deserve the praise people give you.Please feel free to put this in your testimonials section and tell anyone thinking of training with you to drop me a line and i will gladly tell them how good both of you are

All the best Dave Clough 



Paul Tudge 09 Feb 07

Hi Loz, Steve & Martin,

I am recovering from the shock of having passed my test following your CBT & DAS courses. Despite the snow & my slow learning you got me through. At all times you were encouraging and positive to a middle aged vicar! I would not have passed first time had Steve not been so positive. Please add my email to your web site – if anyone is feeling hesitant they can come to you with confidence, even if they feel a bit out of their depth. I will spread the word. It is worth following your middle age dreams!

Paul Tudge



Mike Hitch 31 Oct 06

Dear Loz & Steve,

A HUGE thank you to you both for getting me through my bike test last week. Even though I have been riding bikes for the last 20 years it was fairly clear that I had developed many bad habits over this time. It is therefore a massive testament to you both that you managed to get me through my test in three days. The attention to detail in the training was excellent and you kept on going until I got it right. Apart from this I had a very enjoyable week and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your school to anybody. You certainly have the right approach and attitude.

I plan to come and do an Advanced Day with you in the near future.

Thanks again and best wishes,
Mike Hitch (France)


Shane Kenny 26 sep 06

Martin & Steve,

A quick note to say haw great the tuition is at 2WheelSkool. My wife and I took our CBT last week, having never ridden motorcycles before, so we were a bit dubious about how we’d get on. Martin and Steve put us so much at ease, even during the most frustrating moments they were very patient. The instructors are also very safety conscious and make sure you have a good understanding of safety and safety wear.

All in all we had a great day, and passed our CBT at the end of it. If your browsing through various motorcycle training centres, stop here and book. I’ll be back for the DAS.

Thanks again Chaps,

Mr & Mrs Kenny

(Police Traffic Officer & they still treat me great)



Lee Robertson Sep 12 06

Hi,, Just want to said many thank for your effort being support and encourage being involving with CBT and the group.

Regards Lee

Note: Lee has been deaf since birth, hats off to him, great lad.



Phil Mapplebeck Sep 06

Hi Steve, Loz & Martin,

This is a very very belated mail to pass on my thanks for your help and tuition to pass my DAS first time.  It’s a bit lated due to me being out on the bike in all my free time.

Thought I’d send you a mail, because it was other peoples messages that really made me choose to use 2WheelSkool.For anyone who is thinking about doing your test, be it CBT or DAS, all I can advise is stop thinking about it and do it.  If you listen to what the guys tell you, and do exactly as you’re told, you should have no problems.  I can’t rate their tuition high enough, really nice and down to earth chaps.

Good luck to all future students, and ride safe. Many thanks once again,

Phil Mapplebeck



Matt Hownam 31 Aug 06 "M akem" <

Just a quick note to say thanks to Loz and Steve for getting me through the DAS, I look forward to getting a bike now and enjoying the roads. Also thanks to Martin for the CBT. See you all out on the road.




Ian Nelson Jul06>


Thanks for all your help with my test

Thought you might like to see where I went a week later!

France on an MZ 301

Pics of my new bike:

and more pics of France:


Julie Wilks 02 Aug 06

Hiya Loz and Steve,   thank you both so much for helping me pass my bike test! I was a very slow learner right from the start with the CBT and if it hadn't been for your patience and encouragement to carry on when my confidence was low, I don't think that I would have done it. I am in the process of getting my Sportster on the road within the next week or so and making my dream of riding a Harley (by the time I reached 50 at the end of 2006) come true.Thank you both once again for making it possible and I have already recommended 2wheelskool to my friends.   I am attaching a photo of me with my old and new ride to put up on site aren't getting rid of me that easily!!! Take care and see you around. Regards Julie Wilks



Nick Jansen 24 Jun 06

Hi Loz, its Nick (The U Turn kid lol) Here are some comments for the website... ################################ Hi Loz & Steve Well ive finally done it, thought i would send you a quick email, and hope amsterdam was good ? how were the tulips Passed the DAS last thus (finally, and can still not believe it..) and have today bought my first bike, its a nice 600 Bandit.........i pick it up on thurs morn...& can not wait..   I couldnt have done it without your & steve's help, and i would like to thank you for putting up with me for so long :-) Its been excellent taking my lessons and test with 2wheelskool, and anyone that mentions doing their DAS to me, i will defo point them in your direction..   I will pop across at some point to say hi, although if that steve gets me to do another u turn he's had it lol Thanks again, and best wishes  Nick



Shaun Brooke 29 Jun 06

Hi to Loz, Steve and Martin.

Thanks for the tuition and training last month, and for getting me through
both the CBT and DAS first time, the training I recieved was first class,
and as one of the other trainees said " I have learnt more in just 2 hours
here than I did in 2 days at one of the other training schools " which to
me speaks volumes for the way the school is expertly run.
See you on the road sometime,
Shaun Brooke


Jennie Rigg 22 Jun 06

I thought you'd like another glowing report for your website ;)

I passed my test today after just two sessions with Loz and one with
Steve. I have had an absolute MARE learning to ride, four failed tests,
loads of things going horribly wrong, until finally, a couple of weeks
ago, I bit the bullet and changed schools to 2wheelskool. I have never
been so glad of a decision in all my life. Loz was always understanding
of my nervousness, and would always find something positive to say even
when I did something really badly. I never felt like I was being talked
down to or patronised. Steve was also lovely, very encouraging and down
to earth.

Basically, if these guys can get me from abject terror to passing my
test in three sessions of riding, they're doing something right.
I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone (in fact, I WILL be
recommending them to at least a couple of people once I go back to work
after my holiday).

Thanks guys. My only regret is not coming to you sooner.
Jennie xxxxx



Leon Birch 21 Jun 06

Loz, Steve, Troggy,
Wanted to leave a word of thanks to you guys for the fantastic training and
the great time I had with you!
Had never been on a bike until the day of my CBT, and about 6 weeks later I
had passed my CBT, theory, hazard perception and DAS test - all first time!
Still can't believe it - only had 5 sessions with you, including CBT, and I
learnt everything I needed - will now feel comfortable to go pick up my new
Harley and ride her home! Somehow seems a shame that I passed so soon, was
having such a good time on the sessions with you........... but glad I
did!!! Will bring the Harley up to see you soon, and will seriously consider
doing an advanced course with you.
Thanks again guys - and anyone who wishes to contact me for any info is more
than welcome.



Louise Jubb 25 May 06

Loz, Steve, Martin thanks for getting me through my 125 test first time. I would reccomend you to anyone wanting to pass their test or do their CBT especially any girls out there. It was good fun as well as educational and it was great that you had a sense of humour, you certainly needed it with my 'U' turns! Thanks again! Louise.   You can use my email address.



Jen brown 14 may 06

I would just like to email briefly and thank again Martin and Steve for
putting me through my CBT today.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I'm
definately considering doing my DAS.
I was made to feel very at ease and surprised myself with how much I enjoyed
riding the bike!!!!
Even though I stalled loads of time, I will be sure to be in touch in the
near future to continue my licence.
Thanks again,

Jen Brown



Chris heap 10 may 06

To loz and Steve Thanks for all your time and effort .and getting me through my test.. I will have no hesitation in recommending 2wheelskool to anyone who wants to be trained by professional instructors like you guys. All the best and thanks again Chris heap



John Watson  30 Jan 06


Thanks for teaching me the basics and getting me through my bike test. 
I clocked up 150 miles on my bike over the weekend - here's looking
forward to some warm sunny weather!
Regards, John


Gary Whitaker 02 Dec 05

 thankyou for my training,i would recomend 2wheelskool
to any one wishing to take their test. i did the direct access over 3 days and passed first time with only one minor fault. Did nearly all my training with steve who was superb, always made me feel at ease and for this i will always salute him when i see him training new students.
thanks again 2wheelskool.
Gary Whitaker


Martyn Blake12 Nov 05

loz/steve Thanks for the training i thought it was excellent and i learned  a lot i would defienatly recommend you to anyone who would like to learn ride a bike i thought the course was well worth the money the instuction was brilliant and without your help and advicei don't think i could of passed thanks from the bottom of my heart.   martyn blake



David Johnson 06 Oct 05


I would like to thank both of you for the outstanding training you provided. It was both informative and fun. I would recommend 2wheelskool to anyone particularly due to the extensive knowledge of the test routes and examiners and also because of the easy to understand step by step instructions for riding the bike and throughout the slow speed manouvers. Thank you once again for your help, please allow my e-mail address to be used by any potential learners.


Dave Johnson



Dale Bunton 08 Sep 05

Dear Loz and Steve Just wanted to give both you guys a big hug for all you've done. I enjoyed every minute of my training even in the wind and rain. Please pass on my best wishes to Zak. I hope I never need his help again lol.  Like Deb i'm a lady rider and I'll be encouraging all my friends to train with 2wheels especially my lady friends. I never felt intimidated and spent most of my lessons laughing. As I left the test centre with certificate in hand another school and pupil walked passed me, he turned to his pupil and said that's the look I want on your face when you get back. I couldn't stop smiling and when I met up with steve he was so made up for me it made my grin get bigger thank guys. See you around and may be after plenty experience i'll do the instructor course. Thanks again Dale




Matt Swainston 04 Aug 05

Loz, Steve and Zak,

Now my head has finally finished spinning, I'd just like to thank you all
again for getting me through my DAS test (first time, It's still hard to
believe). I felt the training was well-tailored for my needs, and always
done with a good balance between being strict and keeping it enjoyable at
the same time. Your in depth knowledge of all of the test routes and
procedures made the test fly by. I will certainly recommend 2wheelskool to
anyone who asks me about learning.
Best wishes for the future,
Matt Swainston


Deborah Oakley 26 Jul 05

Loz Just wanted to say a big thank you for getting me through both my 125 test first time and now my 500 test, again first time. Couldn't have done it with anyone else.  All the testomonies on your site are from men and i thought a girl's point of view might be good? Having done my CBT with another school i think you guys are much better, you all have a sense of humour, fun and good looks!  Along with the lower seat on the ER5, which mean't with my small build i could comfortably touch the floor, to picking up the bike for me when i dropped it twice, oops. I'd recommend you to any one, especially women out there who are looking for a training school that can meet their needs.  Thanks a lot   Deb



Richard Kawecki 10 Jul 05

I did my DAS with 2wheelskool a few months ago.
Loz and Steve have loads of experience.

I looked around on the web and yellow pages etc. and found them to be the
best value by far and having trained here I can honestly say they are total
professionals and have taught me to ride very safely.
They are Patient and calm although not afraid to bollok you when you deserve
it. (see below!) Which I think is a great way to learn.

I've been on the road for about 2 months now and I can still hear Loz's
voice saying "cancel your indicator Rich!"
Eventually it sank in. I did say they were patient!!
I'll definitely be back for an advanced riding course sometime in the
Thanks Fellas!
Rich, leeds.


Robert Sutherland 01 Jul 05

Loz, Steve,& Zak,
Thanks a lot for the course and getting me through my test.  It has not only
been fantastic training, not only learning how to be safe on the road but
also a laugh from start to finish.  It has been a pleasure to ride with you
all for my training and to be given the skills to keep myself safe on the
I will thoroughly recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to ride a bike.
You guys are laid back in attitude and spot on when it comes to helping you
get past those sticking blocks!

Steve, get the bike and tell the missus about it when she finds it in the
garage :D
Look after yourselves!
Robb Sutherland


Michael Betts 15 Jun 05

Just like to say a huge thank you to Steve, Zak and Loz for helping me get through my DAS test first time. A really enjoyable experience.  In 4 days they took me from being a novice, having never sat on a motorbike, to holding a pass certificate in my hand and only incurring 3 minor faults. Spent most of my time with Steve (who is brilliant and has the patience of a saint!) but all three really know their stuff. Just need to find a bike that my lanky frame wil be comfortable on now.  Steve - I mastered the U-turn, and did it perfect on test day, you can eat your helmet now!   If your going to do it properly I really would recommend these guys. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have anything to ask regarding the training.  P.s Like Nick G (below) I'm also a Halifax lad. Just couldn't find the same training at that price anywhere else.    Michael Betts 15 June 2005



Christopher Duncan 10 Jun 05

Hi Loz,

Just a quick email to thank you for a fantastic CBT
test. I found it really enjoyable and the confidence /
skills learned are priceless. Zak is a fantastic
instructor and I wish you and everyone at 2wheelskool
all the best for the future

Best regards
Chris Duncan



Nick Grinsdale 06 Jun 05

To anyone reading this.I trained with 2wheelskool week commencing 04/06/2005. I have 5 years experience in the saddle and my riding was generally ok I just needed refreshing after having to retake my test through fixed penalty speeding fines. I phoned 6 / 7 training schools who wanted to stick me on 5 day courses when all I wanted was to brush up of a day or two.

 Nobody wanted to know what I had to say. These guys answered the phone and listened. I got a good deal , they tailored the course to my needs and that’s why a Halifax lad got tested in sunny Bradford last week. I Passed by the way, everything I was told came true like the little things each examiner does and the bits that catch everyone out, Bradford and Leeds are full of things even a traffic cop wouldn’t pick up on, believe me I know cos I tested me uncle on them (traffic cop).

 Seems to me like Loz and the boys have the edge on this stuff. A sense of humour backed up with know how.  I include my e mail as invite to check me out, I’m a sceptic too.



Ian Cocking 25 may 05

"YOU'RE NEVER TOO EXPERIENCED TO LEARN!" Remember that and have a go on Loz's Advanced Riding course. After a full day's riding to advanced level I can assure you that you'll come away having learned something new and be made aware of all those bad habits that have crept in over the years and be putting some to bed for good. This is not a test so go out and enjoy it. The day is made by Loz's laid back approach and be aware - the blokes a demon on his Diversion when it comes to the 'twisty turny' bits so if it's leaning you have a problem with, get a day booked now. You'll have the bike on it's side in complete safety by the end of the day! Better to learn this way than on a track day!   Coxy Torque Bikes



Brian Ward 11 May 05

2 wheel skool are great, very professional. I did a complete DAS scheme with them, went from a novice to full licence in one quick course.They supply everything you need bikes, tuition, helmets, gloves and even waterproof pants. Steve even gets the tea and bacon butties at the cafe opposite the test centre. On the road they are very safety conscious which was just as well for me being a novice and needing good guidance, with constant instruction being provided by radio you feel at ease and gain confidence very quickly. I still see Loz and Steve around as I live in the area, and they are always happy to say hello and have a chat and talk bikes!!! I would recommend them to anyone thinking of doing a course, be it DAS, CBT, scooter training or whatever.   Cheers Steve & Loz   Brian Ward



Steve Feather 12 Apr 05

This school is great they are very freindly and go througth the test procedure in great detail.all the bikes are good maintained and its fair priced for the amount of training they give.many thanks for getting me through my test.steve.   



Ray Smith  15 Apr 05

hi loz, steve,& zak. after previously failing my direct access motorcyle test, with another school of motoring, i decided, to come back to the company, that i sat my c b t with, almost two years ago. and thank god i did, after two days of expert training, i finaly passed my D A S,   the tuition that you gave me, was second to none. the calming effect, that your instructors, had on me was unbelievable. my special thanks go to steve, who managed to keep me calm, on the morning of my actual test, thanks steve. it would be a honour to recomend your company, to any person/s,who are looking for a school of motoring, to sit their C B T/S, OR THEIR D A S. THANKS GUYS I COULD NOT OF DONE IT WITHOUT YOUR EXPERT TUITION,   THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH   RAY


Robert Ferrell 17 Apr 05

hi loz,
thanks for all the excellent training, help and advice towards getting me
through my direct access course first time.
quoated me for two days training but actually only took me a day and a half!
so saved me alot of time and alot of money!
i would recommend 2wheelskool to anybody and anyone who wishes to get in
contact with me about my experience with the company, feel free!

many thanks again