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Welcome to 2wheelskool, We provide outstanding motorcycle lessons and motorbike training to the Leeds Bradford area at the most competitive rates around. Whatever form of motorcycle training you want, a CBT, compulsory basic training, on scooters, mopeds or a 125cc bike or learning to ride, taking motorcycle lessons for a motorbike test and that full motorbike licence. The direct access scheme, DAS and the A2 motorcycle licence as well as Advanced rider training. Phone or email us and we will show you the way to a CBT a Motorbike test or smooth out and refresh your skills as a motorbike rider. 01274 622522

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Welcome. We provide all forms of training, the CBT, 125cc, A2, DAS, Advanced, the Enhanced Rider Scheme and Refresher rider training. Our aim is to get you your motorbike licence as quickly, cheaply and easily as possible. Our rates are the best you will find, we have a superb reputation for high quality, affordable, motorcycle training.

2wheelskool has been running since 2001 and our main source of sales is through word of mouth, our customers recommend us! Phone or email us and we will show you the way to ride a bike.
We are based in the Leeds Pudsey Bradford border area and provide bike training for Skipton thru Silsden to Keighley, Ilkley, Otley, Harrogate to Wetherby, Halifax to Huddersfield, Batley and Dewsbury to Wakefield, Just about all of West Yorkshire!

Our guarantee

We believe in our quality! It works New motorcycle test pass! The first in Bradford!

We were the first motorcycle training school to have a student pass the new Motorcycle test in Bradford. (Fri 08 May 09) He passed Mod 1 , with no faults achieving both speeds comfortably, and Mod 2 with only 3 minor faults. With concise clear instructions (we provide) a clean well maintained bike (we provide) good radio communications (we provide) and the right level of training (we provide) the test is passable by anyone.

We are so confident of our training methods and content that we GUARANTEE if you ride on your Motorbike test the way we teach, YOU WILL PASS! If you don't pass and you did everything exactly the way we show you, then we will pay for your re-test.

A couple of new arrivals to the business, these new bikes are also ready to qualify for the 3DLD changes so you get a full unrestricted licence when you train with 2Wheelskool

In a Nutshell

Very basically all you need to know.

If you just want to get on the road on a learner legal Scooter or Motorbike (up to 125cc) you need to do a CBT.
If you want to get a full Motorcycle Licence you need to do a CBT, a Theory and hazard perception test for motorcycles and take both parts of your practical riding tests. An off road manoeuvres exercise Mod 1 and an on road riding skills and road craft test Mod 2. Once you have that Licence why not try some advanced training like the DVSA inspired enhanced rider scheme.

We are proud to announce our support for the Army Endurance racing teams

5 Teams of serving and ex British Army riders will be contesting in the No Limits National Endurance series in 2018.

To keep up to date with their progress visit the link thru the photo to their facebook page.
motorbike lessons

Decision made, It is a 2 part test, under review, amended, dress code changed! Now possibly going back to a single test! 3DLD introduced!

MOTORCYCLE TEST changes by the government. Try to keep up at the back there undermanager!

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DVSA approved Motorcycle Training and CBT Leeds Bradford

compulsory basic training west yorkshire
The DVSA and the last Government U turned many times during the introduction of the new 2 part Motorcycle test. Implementation dates were changed at very short notice and finally it was decided to make it two parts. Due to the lack of promised test facilities the government are now reviewing the whole fiasco and implementation of 2DLD which caused this. It may go back to a single on road test. Watch this space!!!!!! Nope 3DLD has superceeded everything but wait BREXIT is here!!!!

The DSA have made some tweaks to the order and conduct of the Mod 1 off road test. It will make it safer and easier to pass. The fixation with reaching 50 KPH has somehow been eased. We will cover it all in detail when you train with us. This link shows the new exercise format New Mod 1 test exercises
The latest change is that there is now a much stricter dress code imposed for testing . Sensible riding gear is ok but if you are under 25 and only wear trainers and jogging pants then you need to get to Marks and Sparks for a good stout pair of brouges and some hardy slacks! We will advise you on whats hot and what's not!

Some good news is that the current test centres of Bradford and Leeds will remain open to conduct module 2 the on road part. Frequency and days of operation may change.

The module 1 off road exercise will be conducted at Wakefield or Steeton.

The fees have now increased to almost £95 for tests and £23 for the theory. If you click on the read more link it takes you to the Direct Govt web site where information on the format of the new test can be found.

The last Government ignored all the pleas of the biking industry and allowed European legislation to decide our driving test rules. The new bike test came into effect in April 2009.This government has fared no better and now 3DLD has changed all the power and size rules of what can be ridden at what age.

The 3rd European directive is now with us. The DAS age is now 24 years and there will be a number of restrictions imposed on the size and power of what you can ride. Plus younger learners will need to pass a series of tests to get a full license. What else can happen is beyond any ones imagination. Rumors afoot is that there could be a change back to a single event on road test. (Post Brexit) The 3DLD power and bike size restrictions that were due to change again in December have been delayed until 2018. The super MOT for bikes is still been banded around and ABS may become compulsory on bikes up to the new A2 rules (400cc 35KW/47BHP). 2stokes are all but dead with 600cc sports machines likely to follow suit, due to Euro 4 emmission rules. So the message is GET THAT LICENCE NOW BEFORE ANYMORE DRACONIAN MEASURES ARE IMPOSED!

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2wheelskool went racing, not as succesful as our training though!

Read our post race article on entering the No Budget cup at Anglesey September 2010, our world domination of endurance racing failed at the first hurdle!

The No Budget Cup was an entry level endurance race run by some well organised Belgians. It was the first time some of us and most of the other competitors had raced. Read on to to see what happened.

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The new Motorcycle test, fundamently flawed?

"Is it safe?" Not only a memorable line from the Marathon Man! Well is it? If so who checked it, where is the report?

I must admit to getting a bit boiling hot under the collar about the new test and now the 3rd directive but as it has a distinct possibility of dramatically affecting my business I feel I have every right to question everything about it. There have been 4 training schools close in the last 12 months in this area. So if you are bored I have posted a series of historical articles I have written on the subject. Read on.

Motorbike Licence CBT Read more.